Unique Loteria Cards

So we’ve written about why everyone loves lotería, how people have adapted lotería for artistic purposes, and now comes the most important question: which is your favorite lotería card? Or can you name just one? For a long time, my favorite was La Sirena, but as time has passed, I’ve come to appreciate the value of just about each and every card. In any case, here’s our list of the top cards.

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La Sirena – People love La Sirena, and I’m pretty sure it’s not just because she’s topless. The images is beautiful and evocative, very poetic and definitely the most iconic mermaid images I’ve ever seen.

El Diablito – I’ve seen the lotería version of El Diablito all over the place, most recently on t-shirts at the pulga, but I think he’s definitely a memorable representation of pure evil.

Loteria is also a form of folk art, as each of the colorful cards has an image of popular Mexican figures including 'el catrin' (the gentleman), 'el borracho' (the drunk), 'la calavera' (the skeleton), 'la chalupa' (the flower boat), etc. Great fun for the entire family. Shop loteria gifts and merchandise created by independent artists from around the globe. We print the highest quality loteria gifts and merch on the internet. Tags: loteria-cards, mexican-gambling-loteria-cards, mexican-lottery, mexican-bingo, mexican-card LA CURA T-Shirt. By The Losers Club $20 $13. Main Tag Loteria T-Shirt.

El Catrín – Aside from being a really cool Café Tacuba song, El Catrín is one of those figures that I’ve always seen mentioned casually by men, either when they’re messing with each other or dressing up. Whatever the case, he sure is a dapper fellow!

El Borracho – I’ve been seeing the El Borracho image used to sell tourists t-shirts since I was a kid, from Tijuana to Matamoros, this drunk guy seems to be all the rage with the tourists.

List of loteria cards

How do football betting squares work. El Soldado – This image of a soldier standing at attention is not only iconic, but it’s adaptable, especially given that we live in an almost perpetually bellicose nation. And, as we’ve reported before, Latinos are an important part of the U.S. military.

La Luna – La Luna is all over the place, whether’ is a light switch plate, pair of earrings, or ceramic pottery. This particular version of the moon, with the feminine features in the crescent profile, is popular as heck.

El Sol – Perhaps for similar reasons, this version of the sun has been adapted to ceramic pottery, jewelry, plates, postcards and more.

Did we miss any? What’s your favorite lotería card and why?

Custom Loteria Cards

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Heads up, Loteria Familia! For the first time ever, my Loteria Grande Cards are available for online purchase as SINGLE CARDS. Previously, they were sold online only as sets and now for a very limited time — you can purchase the cards individually online, but ONLY UNTIL MONDAY, AUGUST 7TH at 11:59pm CST. After that, the shop’s purchase window will close and I’ll fulfill all of your orders in one mighty batch.

Each card has a limited print run of only 1000. I expect some of the remaining cards will sell out VERY soon. All of the cards currently available are pictured above, and they include:
El Pescado (The Fish)— only 60 units remain!
La Rosa (The Rose)— only 25 units remain!
El Paraguas (The Umbrella)— only 25 units remain!
El Nopal (The Cactus)
La Corona (The Crown)
La Botella (The Bottle)
El Arbol (The Tree)
La Pera (The Pear)
El Gorrito (The Bonnet)

Some of my cards have already sold out, including:
• La Sirena (The Mermaid)
• El Arpa (The Harp)
• La Luna (The Moon)
• El Corazon (The Heart)
• El Venado (The Deer)
• El Mundo (The World)
• La Escalera (The Ladder)
• La Calavera (The Skull)

Get yours before they’re gone! 🙂 Here’s a brief FAQ on the new sales model.

How many total cards are planned for the series? Do you plan to continue producing new ones?
Yes, I’m definitely working on new ones. There are 54 total cards planned for the series. Some fans don’t feel the need to collect all of the cards but just want the ones that speak to them. Some want them all.

If I already bought your Series One and Series Two sets, which cards do I not have?
‘El Gorrito (The Bonnet)’. Because it’s the newest, I currently have good supply on that one. There’s an online purchase minimum of $10 — so if that’s the only card you want to purchase, you might wait until this fall / winter when I’ll make some new cards available, and you can bundle that one with those. For everyone else, I recommend ordering TODAY so that you’re not disappointed when cards sell out.

Will you reprint the Loteria Grande Cards and create a second printing?

Unique Loteria Cards Gifts


If I want some of the cards that are already sold out, where might I find them?
I’m planning to start a Loteria Facebook Group so that collectors who have the sold-out cards can sell or trade them with collectors who want them. You might also check with George R. R. Martin’s Jean Cocteau Theatre in Santa Fe, NM. I did an appearance there a couple of years ago, and they MIGHT have a few remaining sets of the Series One cards (includes La Sirena, El Pescado, La Rosa, El Arpa, El Paraguas, La Luna, El Corazon, El Venado, El Mundo, La Escalera, La Calavera). Beyond that, check eBay as well.

Why is the order window for the cards only until Monday, August 7th?
I like fulfilling orders in one wave of work so that I’m not packing, shipping, and dealing with the post office day after day. Doing it this way allows me to maintain balance toward drawing, conceiving, and creating more Loteria art. 🙂

Loteria Game Cards

Thanks, all. Holler if you have any questions. In Loteria We Trust!