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This is a surebet calculator. With this calculator you can check if some bet offers an arbitrage or not and also you get your bet sizes as outputs to make optimized surebet for maximum gain. Super fruits wild slot.

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With this surebet calculator you can check if some bet offer an arbitrage opportunity. – The calculator now remembers that you have submitted the form and shows your results and active tabs straight away to save having to constantly hit submit. – New reset button to clear the form. 1.5: – Fixed a bug where it would round down the stake (eg. 12.50 would be processed at 12) 1.4: – Added copy feature to stake and liability. Unlocked Surebets from -0.01 up to 1.10% for training purposes; Instant delivery of Surebets, Middles, Odds and History; Odds Comparison and Movement Service; Learn how to transform gambling into investing; Free video and text explanation how to use the apps; Free valuable tips and news through our blog newsletter; No obligations to purchase a. Surebet calculator - calculate stakes You can use this calculator for 2-way surebets (e.g. Over/under), but also for 3-way bets, when you have three possible outcomes (e.g. Win, draw, loss). Just click on the right button above to quickly switch the mode. Please note, that only decimal odds are supported.

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Two different surebet calculators are available – for two and three possible outcome bets. Fill in the fields “Odds 1…3” and “Total Bet Size”. Calculator will tell if there is a surebet opportunity and if, how big one. There is an arbitrage available if Return% is higher than 1.00.

Version: 4.1
Surebet Calculator Apk
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*****NEW FEATURES in Version 4.0*****
- Rounding: Now you can round your surebets to 1,5,10 or 50 and the app shows you how much you can win for each outcome when rounding.
- You can calculate your surebets based on the stake you want to invest for a specific bookmaker. (For example: You want to bet 1000 dollars on bookmaker 1. The app calculates how many dollars you have to bet on the other bookmakers).
A surebet promises a sure win, because you bet on two or three different bookmakers on every outcome of a sports game.
Don't care which team will win - YOU WIN ANYWAY!
Longer explanation in the app itself.
With the app 'Surebet Calculator Pro' you can calculate your surebets everywhere and anytime. Making money has never been easier before.
- Calculate your surebets based on the total amount you wish to bet.
- Calculate your surebets based on the amount you wish to bet on one specific bookmaker.
Advantages of Surebet Calculator Pro:
- Round your stakes.
- Save and load your surebets.
- Choose your odds format.
- Write notes.
- Protect your notes with a password.
- Better layout.
- No ads.
Don't wait any longer! Download, calculate, bet and WIN!
- New and better design
- Bug fixes
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