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You just want to relax and think about the sea and the sun? The Beach Bucks slot machine game produced by Simbat is a good chance to do so. When you start playing this pokie, you can almost get a feeling like you’re at a casino on the coast. Beach Bucks slot game is a pokie with the sun and sea as a theme, as the name suggests. This slot is similar to Magic Joker.

Tonal, maker of the smart home fitness trainer, announced it is more than tripling the number of physical locations it sells devices in through a new partnership with Nordstrom. MLCS and Katana® Router Bits and Professional Woodworking Products mail order catalog and web site features production quality carbide tipped router bits, Katana® super premium router bits, router tables, clamps and woodworking accessories. This 5-reel, 243-pay-line video slot from Microgaming, titled “Robo Jack”, is inspired by a futuristic world full of robots, with excellent graphics, and some pretty decent payouts as well! In fact, this online video slot is one of the very rarest when it comes to the main characters being robots! And even though the theme here is clearly.

If you like time-honored pokies, you will be a fan of this one. This is the one involving two different phases. These are played on individual reels. The primary mode is played on the lower three reels. The basic is utilizing stakes of 1 credit per turn in the bottom three rollers. The machine is a great choice because you don’t need a lot of money to start it. If you launch a base mode only, you can enjoy it for a long time.

What to Click Playing Beach Bucks Slot?

You can see a lot of buttons; the screen is lively, and everything is flashing. Nonetheless, it is user-friendly and has all the necessary options.

  • Start/Save – activates a turn in the machine and loads points won at the top meter;
  • Tail/Head – the gamble feature to double your points won in the base mode;
  • Choose Bet – determine the bet that you want, before spinning;
  • Hold – put a roll with a favorable fixed position for the next spin;
  • Reset/Collect – automatic reset function for the Hold button / insert points won on the credit meter.

Like many other pokies, this one also has the autoplay option. If a dicer is busy doing something else or just needs to rest hands using this function, the machine spins several predefined rounds, so you do not have to click the Start button

The Basics For Beginners

The basic mode of the free online Beach Bucks slot game you play on the lower reels with one credit. One plays on one activated payline, but spinning the rows costs only one coin. The prizes to be won in the base game are shown to the right of the bottom reels. All prizes you win while running the basic game, you can try to double the Head/Tail mode.

The Hold button lets you secure a role in a favorable position for the next spin. The symbol with the coast you crisscross also gives points. If one has two, he wins a prize from 2 to 100 points, and three on the rows grant a gain between 8 and 200 points.

Are You Lucky Enough?

Try out your luck in “heads or tails”! Rules are the same like in those child games we all remember. This feature offers you the opportunity to double the coins. Press head or tails button, cross your fingers and wait. This is only for risk-takers because you can lose all your cash.

With enough credits on the credit meter, you can choose to start the top game. This play proceeds on the top three reels, and it helps you boost the cash winnings. One can bet 4, 8, 12 or 16 coins per spin. The more money you gamble, the bigger chances you have to win. It allows one to make crisscross combinations. When you trigger the top, you can activate special nudge function. Here, the reels spin again after the appearance of a particular symbol.

Play Robo Jack free slot and be instantly moved into the future. Punters are introduced to a world of technology they’ve never seen and a gamble they’ll never stop playing. You’ve gone through the historical slots that have brought back blasts from the past, but Microgaming has given us something that is truly one of its kind. There are five reels and over 200 ways for gamblers to become winners. This slot is similar to Serenity.

What You’re Working With

As you probably know, there are symbols that must be lined up correctly to become valuable. Some will prove to be more valuable than others. It’s all about what you can manage. You will the standard playing card symbols as well as:

  • A yellow box.
  • An atom processor.
  • A box of coins.
  • The main character.
  • The Robo Jack.

Play Robo Jack free slot if you also want an almost overwhelming amount of bonus features.

Some Technological Advancements

The dollar sign scatter will lead you to victory if you land three or more. This takes you to a screen showing five different colored robots. Each one has something to offer, but you can only pick one.

This bonus shows green, purple, orange, pink, and turquoise robots each with a special mystery prize. These are only revealed when a player makes a selection.

The free online Robo Jack slot will not leave gamblers short, especially when it comes to bonuses.

Robo Bucks Garage Slot Machine

Ready to Invest?


The gamble does not have moveable pay-line amounts. The minimum and maximum amounts are fixed and remain the same. The jackpot is also progressive and determined by earnings from bonus features and successful spins.

Robo Jack Slot’s Databases

Wherever Microgaming games are, then that is where the Robo Jack slot game is. Players should not download free slot games to play for fun on their smartphone or tablet to access them whenever possible.

You are trying for the highest paying symbols. These are the wild and the scatter, but also anything else besides the playing card icons can greatly add to your win. The yellow box awards 1,875 coins while the atom processor awards 1,250. The box of coins is 2,500. The game will prize you 3,125, and its symbol is worth 6,250.

Robo Bucks Garage Slots

Set Your Goals High

Players stand their greatest chances at winning the bonus feature. The colored robots are the primary source for unpaid spins and multipliers, so when players spin the scatters that is how they will receive their free spins rounds.

Designed to Win

If you’re looking for a couple of ways to improve your skills and take control of the Robo Jack slot machine game, then look no further. $100 no deposit bonus codes 2019.

Start yourself off by practicing. This gamble will allow you to play a few demo rounds if taking actual money to the reels. Don’t hesitate to get familiar with the rules before officially beginning. You’ll also need to accept the fixed pay-line amounts before beginning.