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Red Flag #5: Strange words or grammar. Scamming is a confidence game. The success of the scammer depends on building trust with their victims first. This is why you will typically get some. Aug 26, 2017 Earlier this month we reviewed Red Flags, an awesome card game from Skybound Games that focuses on poor dating choices.You can read that review here if you wish to learn more about the game, but.

Earlier this month we reviewed Red Flags, an awesome card game from Skybound Games that focuses on poor dating choices. You can read that review here if you wish to learn more about the game, but today, we're reviewing the expansion packs. Now much like its predecessor Superfight, Skybound have gone all out to make some impressive additions to their latest card game with various results. We're going to review all five packs that are currently out and let you decide what you'd like to add to your collection.

First up is the official Expansion One pack, which of course, was the first expansion. This is a mix of white perk cards and red 'Red Flag' cards. The entire purpose of this set is to give you more options to add to the base game without delving into some of the more intense packs. As you can see below, you get some decent additions to the white ones that feel more fantastic than practical compared to the regular game. However, the red cards are a lot more devilish and make it even harder to sell a date properly. The set isn't too remarkable, but it does give better options to mess with people.

Next up is the Dark Red Flags expansion. This is straight up some of the worst of the worst their crew could come up with. The entire set is red flag cards, with a deeper hue to them so you know something extra terrible is coming your way. This is the set I fell in love with the most because some of these are just absolutely impossible to overcome. But on the same token, you can royally mess someone's hand up good and proper if you know they've got a winning date no matter what you put down… except for this. You can see by the options below just how bad they are. I highly recommend this set for adults with no filter.

The third pack is The Date Deck, and this one works a little differently than the others. These are all Purple cards that do not into either the red or white piles. What you do is draw a card before each round starts and you are given a scenario of what kind of date you're looking for. A good example from below is 'Person you would feel the safest with'. It is up to the players to craft a date and convince you with those perks and red flags that their choice fits that criteria, and you have to decide which one works the best. It adds a bit of a twist that everyone will have to work around and adds a challenge to the game on both sides. I recommend it to throw an extra wrench into the works.

Next up are the Sexy Red Flags. Probably the most enticing of the bunch who are looking for more carnal choices, these are all white cards to be added to the regular deck. You'll see below that they are basically some of the best sexual fantasies possible to put in a card game, all designed to sell your possible date as hard as possible (pun intended) before anyone has a chance to throw down a red flag and sabotage your chances. Again, this is a deck for people who have zero filters and are unafraid of taboo topics to make the game interesting. If you really want to make things interesting, play a game of just Sexy and Dark Red Flags and see where life takes you.

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Finally, we have the Nerdy Red Flags. While the cards are yellow, they are to be mixed into the white and red flags accordingly to how their color scheme matches. These are straight up geeky references ranging from Star Wars to Star Trek, Lord Of The Rings to Legend Of Zelda, Wonder Woman to Iron Man. If you're playing a board game like this, chances are you already have a nerdy set of friends, so this will fit in nicely with all of your nerdy tendencies.

Overall, aside from the first expansion which is kinda so-so, there really aren't any bad choices so far. I'd be keen to see what they do for a second expansion and how they make those choices different from the primary game or the first expansion. But overall, you can't really go wrong with the choices you have here. As always, buy the main game and test it out to see how you feel about it and then add what you need.

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OBJECT OF RED FLAGS: The object of Red Flags is to be the first player to win 7 cards.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 10 players

MATERIALS: A rulebook, 225 red flags, and 175 perk cards.

Red Flags Game

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game




Red Flags is a party card game playable by 3 to 10 players. The goal of the game is to be the first player to win 7 cards.

If you are looking for a shorter game, you can play two rounds around the table and the player with the most cards is the winner. Or just play for fun, I’m not your mom.

Red flags is about setting your friends up on dates and ruining the dates made by others.


The two card types will need to be separated into their respective decks and shuffled. Once shuffled the should be placed centrally to all players. Each player will then draw 4 white, perk cards, and 3 red, red flag cards.

Now you are ready to make your buddy’s perfect match.

Card Types

There are two types of cards, red flags and perk cards.

Perk cards are the good qualities of a date. They include things like “great hair”, “fun personality”, “crazy rich”. These should be chosen to best fit with the person you are making the date for. Pandering isn’t just recommended, it’s a must.

Red flags are just that, red flags. They are the terrible secrets your date is trying to hide from their potential partner. They include things like, “has a wife and kids”, “is a serial killer,” and “hasn’t watched a single episode of The Office and that’s all they talk about.” These will be played by you on other’s dates, and again I can’t recommend enough you use the knowledge of your friend’s greatest fears to your advantage.


The gameplay is super simple. Every round there will be a judge who does not make a date. That is because they will be the person people are making dates for. Around the table starting with the player to the judge’s left each player will play two white perk cards to make up the good of their date.

Red Flags Game Online

After the perks have all been pick and revealed to the judge then the red cards come out. Starting once again with the player to the judge’s left that player will pick a red flag card to play on the date of the player to their left. This continues around the table until all dates have a red flag.

The judge then looks at all the dates and chooses the least offensive one to be in a relationship with. The one picked wins, and the player takes the red flag as a point. Each player draws up to 4 perks and 3 red flags, and the judge passes to the left and the round starts a new.


The game is played until a player wins 7 cards, or until players wish the game to stop.

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