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  • Bingo is one of the most popular games among players from around the world, and that is why there are lots of casinos that allow you to play Bingo online and win money. At the beginning of the game, the gamblers in the room receive a card, or as it’s also called, Bingo tickets.
  • Best Online Bingo Sites 2020. Contrary to popular belief, Bingo isn’t just your grandmother’s game anymore. It’s now a big hit with people of all ages, especially among players who enjoy a laid back, relaxed game of online Bingo in between other intense casino games.
  • Online Bingo has seriously grown in popularity over the past few years and almost all casino rooms nowadays offer a choice between at least several Bingo halls to their loyal customers. Some of the more famous variants include Super Bonus Bingo, Electro Bingo, Bingo Bonanza, Samba Bingo and Mayan Bingo.

Just like traditional bingo, online bingo is a game of chance. In both cases, the winner just happens to get lucky by choosing the winning numbers. As the name suggests, online bingo takes place online in virtual rooms. Therefore, players need to locate an online casino with bingo.

Casinos made their way on the Internet a long time ago and bingo quickly followed in their footsteps. This quick and simple game moved out of the dreary bingo halls onto the fun and entertaining online bingo sites where players can interact with each other and enjoy playing in a community.

Online bingo is very simple to play and it lacks playing skills and rules, therefore, it is easy to learn and fun to play. Most importantly, it offers quick and usually big rewards for little or no money. In addition, on the Internet the game is automated with Auto-Daub button so you have more time to chat with the other players.

Our focus in this section is on real money bingo online and where it can be played. We have reviewed the best online bingo sites in which there is no room for error or cheating and that offer one of the top ranked online bingo games suitable for all budgets. Our bingo experts have also suggested a couple of tips players should have in mind if they wish to win at real money bingo. Continue reading to find out more.




  • Play bingo games with more odds- pay for one card but get three chances to bingo.
  • Make deposits at online bingo sites on special free bonus days.
  • Play at bingo chat rooms to enhance your game play and make it more fun and entertaining.
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People play real money games online to win some nice payouts and bingo is no exception. Playing online bingo games is easy and to win at these games you don’t need to practice any bingo winning strategies.

However, there are a couple of tips you should consider if you want to win at real money bingo online. For what it's worth, they might greatly increase your chances of winning.

  • Play bingo games at a safe and trustworthy online bingo site.
  • Pick a game carefully. Look for games that give smaller payouts because they usually give you better chances of winning.
  • Make the most of bingo bonuses and promotions. Get involved whenever you see discounts.
  • Buy several bingo cards at once. Online bingo sites often give one free card if you buy more in one go.
  • When you don’t feel like concentrating on a lot of cards, always use the Auto-Daub button.


Online Bingo has seriously grown in popularity over the past few years and almost all casino rooms nowadays offer a choice between at least several Bingo halls to their loyal customers. Some of the more famous variants include Super Bonus Bingo, Electro Bingo, Bingo Bonanza, Samba Bingo and Mayan Bingo.

European Bingo

European Bingo is a 90-Ball Bingo that is played with 90 balls. This bingo variety includes a bingo card which has 15 random numbers in three rows of 9 numbers, ranging from 1-90. This game is very popular among European Players.

American Bingo

75-Ball Bingo, also known as American Bingo, is a classic American game. The card used has 5 rows and 5 each column marked by a letter spelling B-I-N-G-O.

Super Bonus Bingo

Super Bonus Bingo allows players to pick between two and ten numbered balls per game, with their potential payout based on the number of correct picks. This variant comes equipped with a bonus game, where two extra balls are drawn to increase your winning chances.

Electro Bingo

Electro Bingo is a cross between Bingo and Slots, as players are required to match the numbers on their bingo cards to one of the outlined winning combinations. This variant features an extremely interesting game play and allows players to receive extra balls at an additional cost.

Bingo Bonanza

Featuring a reference to Scratch Cards, Bingo Bonanza awards payouts for matching at least two bingo balls, with payouts ranging from x2 to x20,000. The first two balls you match will display the multiplier that will be applied to your total stake.

Bonus Bingo

Bonus Bingo is a slick bingo game containing rich and awesome animations and graphics. It goes beyond traditional bingo with special features like scatter symbols, bonus rounds and multipliers.

Samba Bingo

Buy up to four bingo cards and try to match the numbers drawn to one of the 14 outlined patterns for payouts between x3 and x20,000. An extra ball can be purchased each time you are one number short of a winning combination.

Mayan Bingo

Mayan Bingo features almost the same game play as Samba Bingo, although the payouts differ slightly. The aim is to match your card numbers to one of fourteen winning combinations for awards up to x50,000, while extra balls can be bought as well.

Mobile Bingo

Online Casinos With Bingo Slot Machines

For a while now the most popular online bingo halls can be accessed via tablet or smartphone, with the majority of these websites compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices. Mobile bingo not only facilitates exciting game play on the move, but also allows you to chat with fellow players and exchange experiences.


Online bingo vs. land-based bingo - what's the difference?

The biggest difference between both bingo versions is convenience. When you play at online bingo sites you don’t have to be physically present at a bingo hall to play games. Also you don’t have to worry about any dress codes or about the playing hours because you can play online bingo 24/7.

Is it legal to play bingo online?

Of course it is legal to play bingo online. Depending on a country’s laws and regulations, playing bingo games on the Internet may be illegal, but if your country allows it, make sure you play at a safe and reputable online bingo site.

How do I collect my winnings?

When you win at bingo games, your winnings go to your online bingo account. Then you need to go to the cashier and choose a withdrawal method. For instance, if you deposit via credit card, you can cash out your winnings through the same method.

Can I play with my friends?

Not only you can play with your friends, but you can also chat with them. Online bingo sites usually have many bingo rooms where you can join in and invite your friends to come over. Most of the rooms also have chat windows and allow you to interact with the other players.

How do 'chat rooms' work for online bingo?

Players love the social factor when they play bingo online. Chat rooms allow them to chat with the other players as well as with the chat moderator via chat windows. They are excellent place to hang out and get to know the other fellow roomies.



Is there really a strategy for bingo? Find out..


A guide to all important bingo terms and phrases.


Smart players make sure to learn the rules first.


Bingo dates as far back as the 18th century. Learn more.


Our team has reviewed top casino games.





Bingo was invented back in 1929 and has turned out to be one of the most well loved games all over the world. In the United States, bingo is not as popular as some of the other classic casino games such as poker, blackjack and roulette but it still has a strong following. The live bingo scene has been reasonably active in the United States but is mostly played by a demographic that is above 40.

However in recent times a number of bingo halls and clubs have started running a bingo themed parties which have proved to be a hit with the younger generation.

Gambling operators have also taken the game of bingo online which allows thousands of bingo lovers to play their favourite game online, from the comfort of their homes.

Top US Bingo Casinos

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  • Top US Bingo Casinos

Online Bingo Basics

Bingo in its classical sense is a game that is completely based on chance which is what gambling is all about.

Online Bingo Regulation

Online gambling for cash is banned throughout the United States and only the states of Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey have so far lifted the ban on online gambling. There are a number of other states who are debating existing gambling laws in a bid to introduce new gaming laws that would permit online gambling. Some of these states include California, Pennsylvania and New York.

State legislators are aware that legalizing games such as online bingo will be beneficial for the state as it will generate revenue in the form of gambling taxes and also increase employment opportunities in the state. However those opposed to online gambling legalization cite the lack of proper regulation and robust gaming technology as reasons for opposing online gambling.

Illegal Bingo Providers

Although online bingo is illegal in the United States, there are still a number of online bingo websites that offer their services in America. These illegal bingo providers do not have their base in the United States but operate from outside the country. They continue to draw a steady stream of online bingo players in the United States who are prepared to risk the consequences of breaking the law in an effort to see if they can win money regularly by playing bingo online.

These illegal online bingo sites flourish because they are able to offer better payouts as they are not regulated and do not have to pay the state any form of taxes. Players are also not required to pay any online taxes at these illegal bingo sites and hence their winnings are a lot more when compared to playing a regulated online gambling website.

However there are a number of risks that bingo players expose themselves to when they play at these illegal online bingo websites. Players do not have any recourse to a state authority or a regulatory body if they are exploited by the online bingo website. Player personal and financial information can also be compromised as a number of the illegal bingo providers do not have the latest software technology to prevent their systems from being breached by malware and hackers.

Reputed Bingo Providers

There are a number of online bingo providers in the United States who offer free to play online bingo games. These online providers are legit as they are not making money from these games and are not breaching the law. Some players might not find these free to play online bingo games interesting since there is no money involved but others enjoy these free bingo games as it allows them to pass their time and relax.

A number of online bingo sites registered in Curacao, Antigua and Malta tend to offer their services in the United States. Before signing up at an online bingo website and playing for real money, there a few steps for players to consider before choosing an online bingo website.

Online Bingo Software

If you are trying to play online bingo for the first time or if you are playing at a new online bingo website for the first time, it is going to take you awhile to get accustomed to how the online bingo software functions. Once you get a hang of how the software works, you can focus all your attention on the game.

Free Bingo Games

Online Casinos With Bingo Games

One of the ways to gain experience of how the online bingo software platform works is to take play a number of free bingo games. This will give you much needed experience and prepare you for playing online bingo games for cash.

Multiple Bingo Cards

Seasoned online bingo professionals tend to buy more than one card and some tend to buy more than 5 cards each game as it increases their probability of winning at bingo. Concentrating on multiple bingo cards can be a bit difficult initially as it can make a player feel overwhelmed and lose their focus. So the best way to go about this is to try multiple bingo cards when you play free games and then when you are confident, move over to online bingo games for cash.

Progressive Bingo Jackpots

If you are looking to make a lot of money playing online bingo, then the way to go about it is to look for online bingo websites that offer progressive Jackpots.

The higher the number of online bingo players, the higher will be the jackpot.

Steps To Choose An Online Bingo Provider

  • Choose an online bingo website that is regulated and licensed
  • Pick an online bingo provider that promotes fair gaming and responsible gaming
  • Find an online bingo provider that offers great bonuses and promotions
  • Register with an online bingo provider that has tied up with leading e-wallets
  • Google and see if the online bingo provider has positive or negative reviews
  • Find an online bingo provider that has been in the market for more than 3+ years

Some of the popular online bingo websites that offer services in the United States include Bingo Hall, Cyber Bingo, Bingo Fest, 123Bingo Online, Bingo Sky, Unibet Bingo, Vics Bingo, Bingo Mania and Posh Bingo.

Online Bingo Strategy

As we said earlier, bingo is a game that is governed by chance, so it might appear contradictory to talk about developing a bingo strategy. However there are a few steps that online bingo players can follow to increase their chances of winning.


Online Bingo FAQ

Can I trust an online bingo website with my personal and financial information? The answer to this question really depending on which online bingo website you decide to sign-up with. You need to look for regulated and licensed online bingo websites that use SSL encryption technology and have good reviews online?

How long does it take for online bingo websites to process deposits and withdrawals?

This really depends on the e-wallets that the online bingo website is tied up with. Usually e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, Giropay and Trustly tend to process deposits and withdrawals instantly.

How do I know if an online bingo website is genuine?

There are a number of unscrupulous online bingo operators in the industry. One of the ways to avoid falling into this trap is to check if the online bingo website is regulated and licensed, if it publishes its location and contact details, if it has positive reviews online and if it is certified by an independent licensing agency such as eCogra.

What should I do if I encounter a problem with an online bingo website?

Play Online Bingo For Money

Check the FAQ page to see if there is a solution to your problem, as most online bingo websites have an FAQ that lists common problems that most players encounter. If you do not find a solution here, try contacting their customer support team and see if your problem can be resolved. If your problem is still not solved, you can then get in touch with a regulated body or the authorities, provided you are playing at a licensed online bingo website.

Bingo Games Casino

What should I do if I find myself having a gambling problem with online bingo?

Online Casinos With Bingo Real Money

Most regulated and licensed online bingo websites not only promote responsible gaming but also have a set of instructions helping you to set up self-imposed restrictions that will help you curb your online bingo addiction. Some online bingo providers are affiliated with gambling support groups and you can request for more information and get in touch with them.