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Lottery players may be tossing out winning tickets because they're not being tested properly at self-serve checkers.

According to the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, the problem isn't with the machines. It's how people are using them that make the results unreliable.

Ticket scan failure 'human error': OLG. But the lottery corporation insisted there are no problems with its retailerlottery terminals and it had not heard of the incidentuntilcontacted by CBC News. Use of Rating: this rating only considers your gambling olg casino app at OLG.ca and/or My Play Profile Quiz results. Now you can scan and check your lottery ticket anytime, anywhere.Now you can scan and check your lottery ticket anytime, anywhere. I have an instant lottery ticket here, and when I scanned it at the store, instead of receiving a ticket back that said how much I won, I got one that says 'RETAILER CANNOT PROCESS', and it says to contact the OLG Support Center. Is the scanner broken, or did I win big. The BarcodeChecker app allows you to scan and check tickets with barcodes or QR codes with one or multiple Android smartphones. Scan barcode tickets printed with TicketCreator or any other barcodes from an Excel file.


'They are 100 per cent accurate,' WCLC spokeswoman Andrea Marantz says of the machines.

'They will not give false readings. If the bar code is damaged on the ticket, it won't read it.'

When people are in a hurry to check tickets, however, especially several in a series quickly, there can be a glitch. The machine needs time to reset between tickets.

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'You always have to wait till it says 'check your tickets here,' said Saskatoon kiosk operator Joy Postlewaite. 'If you do it before that, it doesn't click in right.'

So when someone runs several tickets through without waiting, the same message will remain on the machine, saying the ticket is not a winner, even if it is.

Marantz says its up to ticket buyers to ensure they're using the machine properly. She also stresses it's a good idea to double-check the numbers. 20 spin coin master.

That's advice that Brenda Bright of Saskatoon will heed. She generally buys two six packs of Lotto Max tickets every week, and uses a scanner to check them.

'I just don't take the time to do it,' she said, 'I expect it (the machine) will do what it's supposed to do.'

Faced with the thought she may have tossed a winning ticket, Bright now says she'll take her time and ensure she's using the machine properly.

As part of its ongoing efforts to modernize its business and the way people play its games, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has launched a new mobile app that brings some parts of lottery experience to mobile devices.

Available on both iOS and Android, the OLG App allows players to scan and check their tickets for most of the OLG games purchased in Ontario. It also allows users to set reminders for upcoming draws, access jackpot information and numbers for games, check the balance of an OLG gift card and find the nearest OLG retailer.

The app currently does not allow users to buy tickets, likely due to the rules and guidelines of the App Store and Google Play, though an FAQ section on the organization’s website says “it may be able to offer lottery purchases on mobile devices in the future.”

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The Western Canada Lottery Corporation, which serves Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and The Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, has offered a Lottery Manager app that performs many of the same functions since 2015.