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Jun 20, 2017 Though there are a few scattered casinos throughout the state of New York, the online casinos are superior for many reasons. Not only do online casinos carry much more safety than live casinos, but they are also the most convenient and accessible. New York casinos online allow you to play your favorite games from the comfort of your own home. You can even play these games on-the-go using a smartphone! There’s no doubt that the convenience of. New York residents do have access to various offshore online casinos, although it’s not only there that they can be accessed. Players from around the United States can look forward to accessing them and playing their favorite online games. Enjoy the best of the Big Apple and Las Vegas at the New York-New York Resort & Casino. There's something for everyone at our resort - from the casino floor to the top of our famous roller coaster.

Given the blend of people, the mix of cultures, the liberty of opinions, the open-mindedness and the renowned flair for profitable business, this state is known to have, we would have thought that New York online casinos would be a custom option by now. Fact is though that the state indeed shares the mixed view that the whole nation holds on the United States online gambling. NY has casinos and race tracks, an expanded charitable gaming structure and was one of the first states in the country to organize a state lotto. However, it seems it has a tough time keeping up with the novelties in this field, since sports betting and online gambling NY hasn’t managed to legalize by now, although, the fair is to say, not for lack of trying in some regards.

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NY Gambling Laws

The state of NY has a number of Indian tribes which have taken on the opportunity created by the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and have started businesses in their reservations, in the form of land-based casinos. This law states, among other important regulations, that no corporate tax is to be paid by tribal casinos, which make for a great business, up from the start. Unfortunately, being passed in 1988, this bill says nothing about online gambling in NY, which creates quite a predicament for these newly emerged websites, as we’ll see next.

At first glance, there is a somewhat chaotic display of gambling opportunities across the state. NY City has a population of over 8.5 million, with an approximate number of 67 million tourists predicted in 2019. All these people only have access to the staggering number of 2 casinos in the NY City metropolitan area: Resorts World Queens and Empire City Casino. With these numbers in mind, the question of whether can you gamble online seems to only have one logical answer. Less fortunate for players, the authorities that are responsible for passing New York online gambling laws, don’t see the need for creating additional options of wagering.

The Gaming Commission and authorities won’t license any other casinos here, in order to not undermine the already dwindling business of the upstate tribal casinos. Many analysts predict a saturation of the gaming market with the number of optimal casinos being overpassed, based on revenues dropping for some of the newest opened establishments. The first appeared tribal casinos blame the decreasing of incomes on the newly created businesses, which they feel have dissipated the offer for gambling options. This being a general feeling, there is no chance of them agreeing to extra competition, be it the opening of new casinos, or the legalization of online casinos NY.

Legislation Terms

Swiftly looking through the legal language used for the defining of approved gambling, the concept of “contest of chance” appears. Therefore, any activity, that trades anything of material value, which is bound to offer an outcome which is, totally or partially, affected by chance, is forbidden.

There are a couple of exceptions mentioned, such as the race tracks betting and charitable gaming. The classic casinos might have been included in the banned category, only they are protected under the Indian reservations’ federal law mentioned above. And real money casinos online that pay real cash in New York don’t fall under the same regulations and are therefore prohibited.

The contest of chance stated affects the online sports betting market as well, regardless of the latest Supreme Court decision that leaves sports booking in the state’s regulators responsibility. Actually, the concept has such a large interpretation, that even social gaming is considered illicit as long as a fee or material winnings are involved. If PlayMGM is forbidden in this state, what expectations could we have on NY online gambling?

Considerations on Online Gambling

This subject has always had a special status, and many have wondered: is online gambling legal in NY? In fact, the recent decade has brought a thorough debate on the legalization of online poker, although opening NY online casinos has never a discussed issue so far.
The battle towards establishing scenery for legal online gambling in NY has been in the detriment of the idea’s supporters. A bill which proposed seeing poker as a game of skill and thus over passing the contest of chance terminology has been passed two times in Senate already, only to be shut down in General Assembly. The 2019 bill makes it the seventh year in a row when trying to regulate poker games and although we can’t predict its chances of succeeding, at least the fact that law-makers proposing this don’t back down, gives us hope of change.
But this struggle doesn’t mean there aren’t any ways of enjoying the perks of online betting. There is a constantly increasing number of offshore online gambling sites, licensed in countries where this activity is not frowned upon, that offer their services to US residents, New York state’s population as well. There are some specifications to be wary about, but this is available for any other website that involves real money transactions: verify that the site is licensed, verify that it displays security measures, check other user’s reviews, or read the specialized sites’ reviews and see if they’re on any blacklists. We gathered such information on our website. And you definitely have to check out our Bovada Casino review. Bovada is legal in New York and is one of the best online casinos for US players.

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Offline Gambling

Traditional casinos

The status of tribal casinos being protected, as mentioned earlier, makes them hold a sort of monopoly on New York slots. Along with the 17 casinos owned by various tribes, such as Seneca or Oneida, nine racinos are also available for players, in this state. The revenues of some of these racinos have seen a drop in figures, making most struggle and creating a wave of discontent among other casino owners across the state. They all believed the market couldn’t stand for any more venues of sorts, without creating a dent in their current enterprises. This is hardly the best scenario for New York online casino concept to come into the stage.

Race Tracks and Off-track Betting

New York State gambling stage also holds race tracks, among the racinos mentioned above. The Belmont Park horse track hosts one of the prestigious derbies in the country. Off-track betting is also available in more than one location statewide, with simulcasting more than 200 tracks across the country. For this area of online gambling, NY could have used the benefits of the Internet to create easier access for those willing to bet.

Charitable Gaming

Talking about gambling in NYC wouldn’t have been complete, without mentioning a category also stipulated in the exceptions part in the law on wagering: raffles and bell jar games. With prizes that are limited to 6000 USD per game for raffles and 1000 USD for the simplest bell jar game, these are most popular among the NY population. Starting 2018, the online sale of raffle tickets has been made available, hopefully meaning a first baby step towards being able to gamble online NY.

Social Gaming

There has been news about private gatherings in celebrities’ flats that the police have raided on account of playing illegal poker. So, instead of inviting friends over for a nice Hold’em, ask yourself: perhaps is it legal to gamble online? Of course, that as long as no rake or table fees are required, no one is going to raid you friendly to get together. As well as playing with your friends in any private room in an online casino for New York residents, is not a problem by any US law.

Future Prospects

Online Poker

Is online poker legal in NY, remains a query with a negative answer still? Although, thus far, many have tried to change the New York online gambling laws. A solid proof to sustain this was the newest 2019 bill which aims at deeming poker a game of skill. However, the road towards creating the first NY online casino lies far ahead still, seeing how not even a discussion on this aspect has taken place.

Sports Betting

Lucky 7 casino no deposit bonus. Players in the field of online sports betting in New York seem to hold a higher hope of success. Since the Supreme Court ruling in 2018, many deals between grand operators in Las Vegas and local casinos have been made, hoping for a shift in the view on sports booking. With an additional lobby, the lawmakers might just take a second look at their decisions and perhaps start influencing the online betting in NY market.

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❓ Are casinos legal in New York?

Yes. Gambling in New York is monopolized by a number of tribal casinos and race tracks casinos. These are the places where all New York slot machines, as well as table games, can be found. Additional to these, lots of places where charitable organizations hold raffles are spread around the state. Unfortunately, when it comes to online casinos NY has a dramatic shortage.

❓ Is gambling legal in New York in places other than tribal casinos?

Yes. Gambling in NY State is also available in establishments known as racinos that combine race tracks with casinos. Also, there are a number of online casinos licensed in other countries, which welcome NY players.

❓ Is online gambling legal in NY?

Although Internet gambling is not legalized in this state, there is the possibility of accessing a number of online casinos for real money by NY residents. These virtual casinos are licensed in trustworthy countries such as Canada, Malta or Curacao and offer increased security measures for protecting players’ personal and financial data.

❓ What is the minimum legal gambling age in NY?

18 is the New York State gambling age for lottery and bingo, while casinos can establish a minimum age restriction starting with 18 to 21 years old.

❓ What are the accepted ways of transferring money in and out of the account in online casino for NY residents?

For those playing in any New York online casino accepting residents, it’s easy to access their winnings, although it might take a bit longer to receive the actual money, because the means to do so, require a couple of days to come through: bank checks, bank transfers. The fastest ways to get your money in possession are by transferring them to debit or credit cards, or money transfers, but on account of extra security measures, some websites don’t offer these means as a viable option.

❓ Are laws favourable for gambling expansion in the near future?

There is a bill proposed this year, as has been one in every year for the past 7, which would regulate online poker being seen as a game based entirely on skill. This would take online poker out from under the limitations set by the “contest of chance” concept stated in the laws on gambling. Also, a general feeling of hopefulness is felt, regarding sports betting, with many deals signed between powerful Nevada casinos and state-based establishments, that in the event of a favourable regulation, sports booking facilities to be put in place. Unfortunately, on the matter of setting the first online casino NY law-makers haven’t said a word so far, making it unlikely that anything should happen in this direction, in the near future.

With some of the best gaming action in the country, and located in some of the most beautiful areas, you can’t miss these New York casinos for your next gaming destination.

From luxury resorts with golf courses and Vegas-style gaming floors to casinos that are located within the scenic beauty of Upstate New York’s forests, you’re sure to find the kind of gaming experience that you’re looking for.

These are some of the best casinos you’ll find in the entire state:

1 – Turning Stone Resort Casino

Located just outside Syracuse, Turning Stone Resort and Casino is a luxury resort that has the best ratings of any casino in New York.

The resort features top-of-the-line amenities that include four hotels, five golf courses, two beautiful spas, a 5,000-seat arena, multiple nightclubs and a 125,000-square-foot Vegas-style gaming floor that can meet any gambler’s needs.

Next to the casino, Turning Stone has an exemplary sportsbook lounge. Here, you’re able to place wagers and view the simulcasts of multiple sporting events on their 500 square-foot curved LED screen.

Turning Stone Online Gambling Partnerships

Turning Stone partnered with Caesars Entertainment so they can bring you year-round sports viewing and wagering at their sportsbook, The Lounge. They offer game-day recliner seating and serve entrees, beer, and custom cocktails.

If you’re a member of the Caesars Rewards program, you can transfer your loyalty points back and forth to the TS rewards club and redeem loyalty points at the casino or use them at any Caesar’s gaming venue throughout the world.

You can reserve a VIP section of the lounge that you and your friends will surely love where you can order from specialized menus.

Turning Stone Poker Room and Table Games

Their casino provides a wide range of table games. Whether it’s a roll of the dice, a spin of the wheel, or a deal of the deck that quickens your pulse, you’ll find over 20 different games to satisfy you.

As well as offering a vast 32-poker-table gaming facility that serves food and drinks to your table, Turning Stone is also equipped with 2,000 slot machines featuring favorite and classic games.

Types of poker games available are Let It Ride, Texas Hold’Em, Three- and Four-Card Poker, Caribbean Stud, Pai Gow (Asian Poker), and Mississippi Stud.

Their poker room has a large monitor that lets players know when they’re up next as well as free Wi-Fi, phone chargers at tables, and tableside massage therapists for the most dedicated of players.

Hotels at Turning Stone

Turning Stone has four different hotel options to choose from.

  • At the center of the resort is The Hotel, which has 268 rooms with 28 suites. You can choose from Hot Tub Rooms, Patio Suites, and Specialty Suites. Here, you are conveniently located next to the gaming facilities, dining rooms, pools, and spas.
  • If you want to feel pampered, then I would suggest The Lodge at Turning Stone. Here, you’ll find more privacy for that getaway weekend experience you’ve been wanting to have.
  • The Tower at Turning Stone has a wide variety of excellent suites that offer panoramic views of the surrounding area. They also have their own fitness center offering memberships that include aerobic and pilates classes.
  • For the traveler who’s looking for some time on the putting green, you might want to choose the Sandstone Hollow Inn. Here, you’ll be able to choose from five immaculately-groomed golf courses and have access to the free shuttle to the Turning Stone Casino.

2 – Tioga Downs Casino Resort

Situated on 138 acres and located near the banks of Susquehanna River, this resort gets its name from Tioga Park, a horse track erected in 1976.

Here, you’ll be able to place wagers on the ponies at their horse racing track, as well as enjoy all your favorite table games and slot machines inside their spacious casino.

Tioga Downs Sportsbook

Tioga Downs has partnered with the top-rated sportsbook brand FanDuel to bring you high-end sports betting. This 2,600-square-foot facility is great for watching and betting on the sports you love the most.

You can use one of their stadium recliners as you watch the day’s best sporting events on their massive video wall. But before you settle in, you’ll be able to lay down some action on the game using FanDuel’s mobile app, or at one of their kiosks, or with a betting clerk.

Tioga Downs Poker Room and Table Games

There are over 890 slots and gaming machines at Tioga Downs. Amongst the favorites are Money Rain Deluxe, keno, and video poker. These games can be played for as little as a penny or as much as $5.

The casino floor hosts 28 different table games including blackjack, Spanish 21, craps, roulette, Pai Gow Poker, and baccarat. For poker enthusiasts, available games include Let It Ride, Three- and Four-Card poker, Mississippi Stud, Omaha, and Five- or Seven-Card Stud. You can play limit or no-limit poker games.

Horse Racing at Tioga Downs

Every year, Tioga Downs is witness to some of the best trotting jockeys and standardbred horses in America.

Once a quarter horse race track, Tioga Downs has been converted into a ⅝ mile harness track that hosts four of the top harness race competitions in the country.

At the track’s horsebook, you’ll be able to grab a racing form and place a wager on the races or make a bet on horse races happening around the country while you watch them simulcast on one of their HDTV screens.

3 – Point Place Casino

Point Place is also part of the Turning Stone family of casinos and one of the newest gambling destinations in New York State.

Located in Bridgeport, New York, this casino’s rustic atmosphere mirrors the beautiful New York countryside and the personality of its surrounding community.

The 65,000-square-foot gaming venue has great dining experiences and a modern-style gaming floor that’s just right for any gambling enthusiast.

Point Place Poker Room and Table Games

Unlike some casinos in Reno or Atlantic City, it doesn’t have that depressing, worn-out feeling that some older casinos might have.

Available games include blackjack, craps, Three-Card Poker, Four-Card Poker, Mississippi Stud Poker, Let It Ride, Spanish-21, electronic roulette, and electronic big-6.

All of its gaming tables and chairs are brand new. This is an ultra-comfortable facility for the relaxed gambler who doesn’t want to have to deal with the hardcore attitude of overly serious players.

The Point Place venue also holds 500 slot machines featuring favorite and classic games.

The Sportsbook

Point Place Casino has a fantastic sportsbook lounge. Here, you’ll be able to place bets on your favorite sporting events while watching them live on their 24-foot high-resolution video wall.

Planning a birthday party, a bachelor/bachelorette party, or a gathering for a group of friends on the day of the big game? You can reserve a VIP section of the lounge that’s sure to impress.

This sportsbook has been built in cooperation with Caesars Entertainment. They serve entrees, beer, and custom cocktails that you can enjoy from the comfort of recliner and sofa seating.

Dining Accommodations at Point Place

New york online gambling laws

At the Burgers of Madison County restaurant, you’ll discover the best hamburger recipes, which include everything from oven-dried tomatoes and apple-smoked bacon to lemon aioli. They also offer up a wide choice of homestyle specialties that are particular to the historic area of Bridgeport, NY.

While dining at Wicked Good Pizza, you can enjoy a mug of beer or a glass of wine as you dive into one of their hand-tossed pizza pies or Italian sandwiches.

Opals Confectionery is well-known for its excellent collection of sweets, cookies, cakes, and artfully crafted baked goods.

4 – Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort

The Akwesasne Mohawk Casino lies among the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York.

Open 24 hours a day, this expansive entertainment venue is host to several restaurants, a large gaming floor, and a hotel and tranquil spa that serves the needs of anyone looking to get away from it all.

Indian Casinos New York State

You’ll see plenty of gaming action at Akwesasne Mohawk Casino, from the art of poker playing to the spin of the roulette wheel to the endless rows of gleaming slot machines.

Akwesasne Poker Room and Table Games

Once you step onto the gaming floor, you’ll be greeted by one of nine designated hosts who can help with any needs or concerns you want addressed.

There are 1,600 slot machines and 30 different table games, with smoking and non-smoking sections. They also have a 500-seat bingo hall for fans of bouncing ping pong balls.

At their designated card room, you can practice your poker strategies. Here you’ll be able to play no-limit Texas Hold ’Em Poker tournaments every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday that sometimes have jackpots that exceed tens of thousands of dollars

Sticks Sportsbook and Grill

Whether it’s a prop bet, a totals bet, or a moneyline bet, the betting clerks at Sticks will be able to take wagers on just about every sporting event.

They simulcast all the biggest sporting events on their massive video wall. These include professional and college games of football, basketball, baseball, and hockey.

The sportsbook has eighteen 65-inch TVs, comfortable seating areas, odds boards, a complete dining menu and a full bar featuring their own locally-made Maple Brewing beer.

Dining Accommodations at Akwesasne

Your hunger is sure to be satisfied by the selection of restaurants at Akwesasne Mohawk. If you want to sit down and enjoy a fine cut of meat or just need to grab a quick bite, you’ll be able to do both.

The Maple Steak and Ale is an elegant dining room that offers a large array of curated meals. In addition to several entrees of dry-aged beef, they also provide dishes of lobster, king crab legs, and scallops.

New Casino In Upstate Ny

Just need to grab a quick bite? The Tavern at Mohawk Casino is more of a lounge-like atmosphere that offers burgers, fries, wings, and nachos but also has a ribeye or chicken salad if you prefer.

5 – Resorts World Casino Catskills

Located just outside Monticello, NY, Resorts World is the closest high-end casino to Manhattan.

This is a luxury resort and casino that features top of the line amenities that include two hotels, an elegant spa, a 2,500-seat arena, six different dining options and a 100,000-square-foot gaming floor like no other in the tri-state area.

Resorts World Casino and Resort offers guests rewards through their Players Club card membership. Members earn discounts on restaurants, room rates, spa treatments, merchandise, and arena events.

The Poker Room at Resorts World

This 24/7 game room has live cash games and daily tournaments where you can practice your real money poker strategies.

If you need to take a break, they have a large outdoor smoking deck. Or you can watch your favorite sports on one of their 27 55-inch flat-screen HDTVs without having to leave the gaming room.

And if you would like to keep up with what’s going on in the poker room, you can use the Bravo Poker Live phone app to get live game statistics, limits currently being played, description, and contact information.

Hotels at Resorts World Casino

Newest Casino In New York

Resorts World Catskills provides two different sets of luxurious lodging accommodations and one beautifully relaxing spa.

The Resorts World Catskills has an all-suites hotel with perfectly designed rooms and sweeping views of surrounding mountain tops.

New York Gambling Online

Their newest lodging accommodation is The Adler. This hotel is an extension of the casino resort campus, so you’re just minutes away from the gaming action. It also features the Crystal Life Spa and two TopGolf Swing Suites.


What are some of the other better casinos in New York? Let me know what you think in the comments.