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Dec 26, 2019 If you were betting on the Patriots and their 3/1 odds, you would win $3 for every $1 you spend. So if you bet $50 on the Pats and they ended up winning the Super Bowl, you’d win $150 (plus your. Feb 28, 2012 Here is everything you need to know with sports betting odds and lines explained. The simplest and most common type of gambling is on the point spread – that’s the amount one team is favored to. NBA Totals or Over/Under Explained This type of betting is a feature of basketball betting. Leading bookmakers offer odds for matches with a huge number of variations of totals. Before the start of the match, at least three totals with a different number of points for the total result of the match will be offered in the betting lines.

  • One thing to remember is that the line in NBA spread betting is not fixed. The bookmaker will move the line based on the balance of bets. Their goal is to have equal bets on both teams so they make money regardless of who wins. They can encourage or discourage betting by moving the line.
  • NBA betting lines are made up of three main components the point spread, the NBA odds, and the line. Below we will go into more details about each: NBA Odds Explained. NBA odds are no different than any other statistical odds, it merely shows how likely the outcome you are betting.

Having a bet on the NBA can be fun and exciting. It can turn an otherwise boring game between 2 teams without a star player into an edge of your seat affair.

If you love watching the NBA and have a wealth of knowledge but are new to betting it can be daunting to get into it at first, so this article will help get you up to speed. Bookmark it and refer back to this page if you’re ever stuck, and you can always contact the Playup customer support if you’re unsure on what a bet means, they will be happy to help!

The main ways to bet on the NBA

The most popular bets people place on the NBA are:

  • Match winner
  • Lines
  • Totals
  • Multi bets
  • Player Performance
  • Futures bets

Bet On the NBA Match Winners

This one is pretty easy to understand, you are simply betting on which team will win the game. A match winner bet on the NBA include any extra overtime periods. So if a game goes to overtime and your team wins, then you still win your bet.

To bet on NBA bets like this at PlayUp, after you’ve created and funded your account, you just need to head to basketball by clicking on Sports in the left Menu > Basketball > NBA and then click on the odds for the team that you want to add it to the bet slip, and enter in the amount that you want to bet on them. In this example below, Playup is offering $3.05 odds to bet on the Chicago Bulls, and I’ve entered in a $50 bet. When you click Confirm, you will get a bet alert confirmation to let you know the bet has been placed.

Betting On NBA Lines

Lines are like an imaginary head start given to one team.Depending on how the bookies see it playing out, it could be a small line ifthey expect a tight contest, or a massive line if they’re expecting a blowout.

Lines normally (but not always) have a .5 at the end, toensure there is an outcome either way.

For example: Classic bingo games free.

The Kings Vs Warriors game has a line of 4.5 at Playup, so if you bet on theKings with the -4.5 you need them to win by 5 or more to win your bet. If youbet on the Warriors, then if they lose by 4 or less, or win you will collect onyour bet.

The easiest way to work it out is to just mentallyadd/deduct the line from your team’s total at the end of the game and see ifthey would still win.

E.g. If Kings beatthe Warriors 111-107

Then you would have to minus the 4.5 from their side whichwould make the final score: 106.5-107

This changes them from a 4 pt win, to half point losers. Badnews if you bet on the Kings, but great news if you took the Warriors!

The best way to look at lines for games like this: if youfeel like a team is going to win comfortably, and the 1.53 odds isn’t juicyenough to make it worthwhile, then consider taking them against the pointspread and beef up your payout to 1.95 odds if they win.

Conversely, if you want to take the underdog to win becauseyou think they will be in with a fighting chance, but you’re second guessingyourself and want the extra security of having that cushion on the scoreboard,you may want to sacrifice a little bit in the odds to go for a safer bet.

Note line bets include the final score after any overtimeperiods and the match is decided.

Betting On NBA Game Totals

Totals are another fun type of bet on the NBA. Bookies will offer a single number for the game, and you have to pick if the total points combined for both teams will go over or under that number.

So the Kings Vs Warriors example above has a total offeredat 209.5, meaning you can either take Over: and bet that the two teams willscore 210 combined or more. Or you can take Under: and bet that the two teamswill score 209 or less.

Game totals bets include any overtime periods. It can help tolook at what each team’s recent games have been like, what they normally dohead to head, whether they defend the perimeter well or poorly.

Here’s a spreadsheet you can use to follow along with NBAtotals to give a projection for the total they’re on pace to reach:

So all you need to do is enter each team’s score in the blue columns in the left, and as the game goes on, update how many minutes are remaining in each quarter, and it will calculate the total they’re headed towards.

So the example in the screenshot above, shows that if the score is 36-25 with 9 and a half minutes to go in the 2nd quarter, the projected total is 201.9

Here’s the link for the excel file<<

Feel free to link this page to anyone that likes to bettotals that would find that spreadsheet useful!

This takes out the guess work for how your bet is doing,with excel doing the calculation leaving you free to scream at the TV screenafter each missed free throw and turnover!

Betting On NBA Multis

So, what is a Multi Bet?

A multi (also known as an accumulator, or a parlay bet) iswhen you go for broke and put all your bets together in 1 betslip, and you needto get all of them correct to get paid out at much higher odds.

For instance, an 8-leg multi would mean you’ve picked out 8 bets, and put them all in your bet slip and the odds for each one is combined for a potentially huge payout. The downside is whether you get 1/8 correct or even if you get 7/8 correct, your bet will lose all the same. But if you hit on each and every selection the payout on your bet can be glorious!

So for example, if you have a $10 bet on three underdogteams paying at $7.50 odds, $6.10 odds, and $5.30 odds like this example on theright, then if all 3 win, the collect can balloon out to a huge sum.

$10 x 7.50 x 6.10 x5.30 = a $2,424.75 win! Off just $10 being risked.

If you’re anything like me and my mates you will experiencethe soul crushing defeat when your last leg of a multi lets you down, butnothing beats the feeling when the stars align and you bag a massive multi!

Bet on the NBA Player Performance markets

With my background playing a lot of NBA fantasy league overthe years, these types of bets are the most fun for me – betting on how anindividual player will perform in a game.

If you follow the NBA obsessively, you begin to get used tosubstitution patterns, which players will take shots at certain times, whichplayers get on a roll, which are due for a good game, and you start to noticevalue in the odds being offered

I find there’s often a ton of value to be found in thesemarkets, because if you’re staying up to date on Fantasy Basketball News Sites,reading Twitter Updates from beat reporters and things of that nature, you canoccasionally find yourself a gem of a bet.

It sometimes helps to look at a player’s Splits (their statswhen starting vs when they’re coming off the bench). This is sometimes a goodindicator of what they are capable of doing when the player ahead of them isinjured.

Taking a look at an example of this, we can see SpencerDinwiddie, who is stepping up in a big way in the absence of Kyrie Irving:

Undoubtedly the bookies have adjusted their lines forDinwiddie by now, but this is one to keep in mind for later in the season whenKyrie is back and filling up boxscores again – if he sits a game for rest, beready to slam the over on Dinwiddie.

Another really good indicator of a player worth betting onovers, is their per-36 minute production.

It could be a player that rarely starts or gets a lot ofcourt time. A perfect example of this is Boban Marjanovic. Throughout hiscareer he has averaged under 10 minutes per game, but his statisticalproduction when he gets court time is off the charts:

Knowing this, it makes a lot of sense to keep track of whichplayers are leading the NBA in certain stats in the per 36 minutes rankings. Sothat if one of those players gets an opportunity to start and get big minutes,then you could find some excellent bets to place.

Betting on NBA Futures

Futures bets are both good and bad at times, it means yourfunds are locked up for quite a while, but also can give you much more bang foryour buck with year-long entertainment following your bet. This includes thingslike, NBA Championship winner markets (which team will win the NBA Title),Division Winners (Which team will win their Division).

Futures Bets also include betting on which players will winthe various NBA awards like MVP, Most Improved Player Award, Rookie of the Yearand more.

These can often have great value if you notice a trend of aplayer building up a lot of big numbers and media hype. For instance LukaDoncic started the season at very long odds for MVP, something like 100-1, andis now into $5.50 at Playup.

Nba Basketball Betting Line

It also makes it fun to follow how a player and team doesfor the season. Keeps things interesting!

The NBA MVP odds at Playupcan be seen here, check the website for the most up to date odds:

There are many more types of bets offered at Playup, withliterally hundreds of betting options for every game. This includes everythingfrom which player will score the first basket of a game, to who will have morerebounds out of 2 players head to head. No matter what your betting preference you’ll find what you’re after.

Best of luck with your NBA bets this season!

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