Make Your Own Loteria Cards

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Scratch Off prints custom printed scratch-off tickets & cards for your next project or promotion. We provide full-color printing, custom sizes, custom scratch-off locations, & quantities up to 500 million pieces! Shop ready-made scratch-off greeting cards, personalized scratch-off cards, & more! My husband and I are having our first Super Bowl party with many people this year, and we want to make it fun, easy, and this is exactly what the doctor ordered. Your awesome'-Amy 2020 Superbowl Commercial Logos Bingo Cards 2020 Superbowl Commercial Logos Bingo Cards Game, Printable All PDF Readers $2.95. In Mexico, children and adults enjoy playing loteria, a game similar to bingo. Not only can your family learn how to play it, everyone can pitch in and to help make it! Older kids can help adults draw the game boards and cards and younger kids can get in on the fun when it’s time to play.

Loteria Mobile Deck

Loteria Mobile Deck is the iPhone and Android companion to Loteria Workshop. No more need to cut out your Loteria Workshop Card Deck from paper sheets, just print your playing boards and use your Phone as your digital card deck.
Easy to use just like a real paper card deck, it contains the 54 images included with Loteria Workshop.


Download Loteria Mobile Deck to your iPhone or iPod from Apple's iTunes, it's free

Quick Guide:

To play just touch the SHUFFLE button once or several times then to announce the cards touch the button NEXT.

The Announcer

The Announcer is a free slide show generator that can be used to call out Loteria or Bingo games.


Options to Play audio for each image
Swap image deck
Total control over time intervals
More than 100 transition effects
Full screen display
Color or image background
User can create different projects with images and audio.

Quick start:

Download The Announcer program and the sample project.
Unzip both files.
Install the announcer
Open the sample project
Click the Start button
To stop the presentation press the key ESC then right click and select Minimize.
The Announcer Program Download
Help FileDownload
Sample ProjectDownload
Sample Project with Audio Download
Guia En Español Download

If you find this freeware useful donate 5 dollars to UNICEF

These cards are all about Asana Loteria . These bingo cards include words like you can create cards like these using BingoCardCreator

How To Play Asana Loteria Bingo Cards

  1. Print and go Asana Loteria, Customize or start from scratch with Asana Loteria bingo cards by logging in or registering your Bingo Card Creator
  2. Give one card to each player.
  3. call off words randomly from the cut-aprt call list automatically genarated when you print your Asana Loteria. You can either just call out the word or give more involved clue where the answer is.
  4. Players mark the word on their card.
  5. Get the prize bag ready! The first player to mark words in an entire row, column or diagonal wins!.

Timing Tips:

How long a bingo game lasts depends on what pace you read the clues at and how many players you have. If you read faster, such as for older or more experienced students, or if you have more players, the game tends to end more quickly. In general, I suggest allocating between twenty and thirty minutes to a bingo game. Since they can potentially end as early as the fourth word called, though that is quite rare, I encourage you to keep playing in the event of the game being over earlier than you expected it to be. Almost 90% of bingo games with a 25 word list and 25 players will see their first bingo within 7 to 11 words being called.

Make Your Own Loteria Cards App

Free Printable Loteria Mexicana Cards

Card Customization Tip:

Loteria Cards Maker

You can use Bingo Card Creator to change the card size. This will help if you do not have a lot of time or for younger audiences. No deposit bingo cozy games bingo.

Make Your Own Loteria Cards App

You can use Bingo Card Creator to add pictures or change the free space to make a truly personalized bingo game .

Words List For Asana Loteria Bingo Cards