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This is going to be a long post. In here, I will briefly explain what each means and then, like the Tarot, we will start a small segment on learning this form of divination as well.
1) El Gallo - The Rooster
Someone would deny or betray you. Look for an alarm or alert.
2) El Diablito - The Little Devil
Behave yourself. Mischief. Someone who's destructive or sexual. Temptation.
3) La Dama - The Lady
Someone is showing off. Handle the issue with grace. A woman. Mother. Wife.
4) El Catrin - The Dandy
Let go of what you're holding on to. Improve yourself. A man. Father. Husband.
5) El Paraguas - The Umbrella
Protection from the bad times. Guardian. Shielded. Safety.
6) La Sirena - The Mermaids
Being lead falsely. Be wary of what appears to be good. Keep a clear head. Temptation. Alluring.
7) La Escalera - The Ladder
One step at a time. Keep moving forward (or upward). Progress.
8) La Botella - The Bottle
Caution of addiction or someone drowning their sorrows. Illusion.
9) El Barril - The Barrel
ChalupaToo much of anything is a bad thing. Don't overindulge
10) El Arbol - The Tree
Ask for help and you will receive it. Stability. Security.
11) El Melon - The Melon
Make a decision already; take it or leave it.
12) El Valiente - The Brave Man
Don't fear, you have what you need to be successful. Heroic. Courageous.
13) El Gorrito - The Bonnet
Take care of those around you. Someone needs looking after. A Child.
14)La Muetre
Can mean literal death. Dissatisfaction with self-image. Denial of something necessary. An end.
15) La Pera - The Pear
Don't wait or you'll lose. Short lived. Hesitation. Move quickly.
16) La Bandara - The Flag
Stand for what you believe in. Victory. Success.
17) El Bandolon - The Mandolin
Enjoy yourself. Harmony. Dance. Party. Social gathering. Let loose.
18) El Violoncello - The Cello
Don't be something you're not. Accept what or who you are. Finding happiness where you have it.

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19) La Garza - The Haron
You may find love in an unlikely place or have to go out in search for it.
20) El Pajaro - The Bird
Nervousness. Follow through with your actions; don't pretend to take action only to back out. Speak up.
21) La Mano - The Hand
Dishonesty. Criminal. Or be careful of the people you are around and the choices you make. Theft.
22) La Bota - The Boot
Nothing has changed, or one decision is as good as the other. Set in their ways.
23) La Luna - The Moon
Love is in the air. Feminine. Inner voice. Emotions. Mystery. Secrets. Lovers.
24) El Cotorro - The Parrot
The truth. Don't repeat everything you hear. Listening only to respond. Be sociable. Communicate.
25) El Borracho - The Drunk
Partying too much. Being Controlled or influenced. Unpredictability. Actions speak louder than words.
26) El Negrito - The Black Man
Friendship. Looking on the brighter side. Someone who has a difficult life, but sees the good in it.
27) El Corazon - The Heart
Romantic feelings. Emotions. A Longing for someone. Wait for true love.
28) La Sandia - The Watermelon
Sweetness. Fulfillment. Plenty. Enjoy and be merry as there is plenty to go around.
29) El Tambor - The Drum
Warning. Things are not as they appear. Someone is wanting you or to use you.
30) El Camaron - The Shrimp
Don't hesitate or you'll be lost. In control. The situation is larger than expected.
31) Las Jaras - The Arrows
Focus. Meeting goals. Desired outcomes. Plans. Practice makes perfect.
32) The Muscian
A creative person. Stubborn. Undesired outcomes. Deceit. Miscalculation.
33) La Arana - The Spider
Danger. Swift action is required. Someone means you harm. Risk.
34) El Soldado - The Solider
Following the rules. Order. Rigid situation. Do what you know. Stick to your path.
35 La Estrella - The Star
Hope. Guidance. Help. Finding your way through a difficult or unknown situation is easy.
36) El Cazo - The Saucepan
Mixing things up, pay attention. Feeling annoyed. Ignore the problem or you're being ignored. Missing something important.

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37) El Mundo - The world
Burdens. Worries. Everything is inter-connected. Look to the foundation.
38) El Apache - The Apache
Surrounded by danger. Untrustworthy. Thugs. Gangs. Problems. A serious situation.
39) El Nopal - The Cactus
Something beautiful can sting you. You know what needs to be done to get what you need.
40) El Alcaran - The Scorpian
Danger near. Watch or you'll be stung. Caution. Back stabbed.
41) La Rosa - The Rose
Beauty. Love. Desire. Someone is being transparent. Emotionally open. Want is within arm's reach.
42) La Calavera - The Skull
Life is short. Things are in their place. Look and you'll find something new. Not unexpected, but still a shock.
43) La Campana - The Bell
Announcement. Something hanging over your head. Come clean. Tell the truth.
44) El Canarito - The Pitcher
Having plenty. Seeking something. Persistent. Possibly obsessive. Not giving up.
45) El Venado - The Deer
Ignoring the situation at hand. Untruthfulness. Pretending. Acting as if nothing is wrong.
46) El Sol - The Sun
Masculine. Shining the light on something. The brighter side. Shelter. Housing. Helping the poor.
47) La Corona - The Crown
Leadership. Authority. Ruling over. Parent. Boss. Very important person.
48) La Chalupa - Little Boat
Journeys. Travel. Small steps. Something seems insignificant, but isn't. Tread slowly. Movement by ship or boat.
49) El Pino - The Pine
Celebration. Perseverance. Calm. Positive outcome. Good things coming. Purpose. Long standing.
50) El Pescado - The Fish
Being caught. Not in your element. Keep quite. Misunderstanding. Miscommunication.
51) La Palma - The Palm
Hard work. Pleasing someone. Rewards. Prizes. Work paying off.
52) La Maceta - The Flowerpot
Over protection. Frustration. Unchanging. Unyielding. Steadfast. Destiny. Outcomes meant to happen.
53) La Arpa - The Harp

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Healing. Letting go of old ways. New discoveries. Modern. Loss of usefulness. A time for everything.
54) La Rana - The Frog
Quick movement. Versatile. Fears. Pay attention to the little things. Surprise.

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La Chalupa Loteria Meaning

© 2016, Copyright The Dame and The Devil Business Blog - Writer The Dame This list is my own interpretation. There isn't a published book on layouts, meanings, or really even a how to. Please use if you are only versed in another form of divination.