Jackpot City Loyalty Points

Many times we told about Jackpot winners, especially those of Mega Moolah Progressive slot by Microgaming. One of the Mega winners was a Canadian player who won CA$16.4 million in April 2020! And the casino where he played the Mega Moolah session was JackpotCity Casino, the most popular online casino in Canada.

This case raised JackpotCity’s popularity even more. Though since its formation in 1998, the online casino has been paying out considerable sums of money to the players. We can’t say how long the $16 million winner was spinning the Mega Moolah reels, but for sure, it’s been for a while.

Alongside the welcome bonus, Jackpot City also allows players to build up a tally of points as they play the various slots and table games at the casino. These points can be collected to buy more credits at the casino for the player, or else you can bid on gadgets and other items. Jackpot City Canada runs a loyalty program where your wagering earns you loyalty points which can then be converted back into cash and used in promotions. Like other casinos as you gain more loyalty points you progress through tiers from blue up to diamond, the difference between the Jackpotcity program and other programs though is that your.

For those players who are willing to win the biggest prize in their life, we recommend staying patient and consistent. In most cases, Jackpot winners have spent a nice fortune on casino games due to their consistency. And in order to go through this ‘waiting’ period with smaller losses, we advise you to get the benefits of a loyalty program.

Although online casino loyalty programs usually require bigger funds (deposits), they give back a lot more. You can use free spins and reload bonuses. All the loyalty perks actually make you win more than you spend. That’s why for players who open an online casino constantly, it’s essential to be a member of the loyalty program. The higher your level, the more advantages you have.

Jackpot City Redeem Loyalty Points

So, here we’ll speak about the JackpotCity loyalty program. What perks players can reap from the loyal membership, and why players need to join it. Read below to find out.

Jackpot City’s Loyalty Program

Regardless of what we said above, JackpotCity’s loyalty program is available for everyone. At the moment when you sign up and deposit, you are already enrolled into the loyalty program and can receive your first rewards.

The loyalty scheme includes six levels, starting from Bronze level. It’s where all the players who made their first deposit start from. By increasing each level, JackpotCity’s players get different rewards. To move through the levels, players need to earn points. However, this isn’t difficult at all — you just need to play the casino games!

As we’ve mentioned, once you register at JackpotCity, you are on the Bronze level. In addition, the casino rewards you with 2,500 loyalty points to help you level up to the Silver level right away. However, it works under one condition: you need to make a deposit the same day when you sign up. Besides, if you are interested in the big $1,600 welcome bonus, you can claim it too. Thus, you’ll have the deposit bonus and the loyalty points which lead you to the Silver level.

Here we post the available levels and the corresponding amount of loyalty points you need to earn to level up:

Bronze — 0-2,499 points
Silver — 2,500-11,999 points
Gold — 12,000-49,999 points
Platinum — 50,000-124,999 points
Diamond — 125,000 upwards
Prive — Invite Only

How To Earn Loyalty Points

To earn the points, you need to make wagers. However, the amount of earned points depends on the games you play. For example, when you play slots, for every 1.00 wager you receive 1 loyalty point. But if you play a table game, then for 1 point you need to make a 5.00 wager. In video poker, it’s more — to earn a loyalty point, you wager $20. The reason for such a difference is house edge. It’s known that table and poker games have a higher payout than slots.

So, if you are eager to level up, then we recommend playing slots. However, if you’re a poker fan or a roulette player, then we suggest you have fun in your favourite games and care less about the points.

Monthly Bonus

Of course, playing games isn’t the only way to earn points. JackpotCity casino gives you a Monthly Bonus, but under one condition. You need to maintain the same loyalty level for 3 months in a row. The bonus includes a lump sum award depending on your level. Ncaa points spread. Thus, the higher your level, the bigger lump sum bonus you receive. For example, Gold level players can receive 20,000 points each month when they qualify.

Level Bonus

This bonus comprises a percentage amount extra, which you get on top of your standard loyalty points for the total spend at the casino. For example, when you are on the Silver level, you earn 3% on top of your current points balance. If you earn 10,000, for example, then you can receive 300 points extra. This will be your Level bonus. The higher the level, the higher percentage you’ll get.

Daily Special Offers

Jackpot City Loyalty Points Rewards

There is another way to boost your points’ balance — by claiming daily offers. Players who are on the levels from Silver to Prize will be offered to play a few selected slots. These slots can help you earn the loyalty points twice faster due to the 50% boost. If you play the daily offered slots rather than any other slot, you will earn 50% more points. So, stay alert to these specials when you get to the Silver level.

What To Do With Loyalty Points

The loyalty scheme is smart and at the same time simple. You can earn the points and level up. But what exactly can you do with the points? You can redeem them for cash bonuses which you can use for playing later. Though the redemption rate can seem a bit high. For example, if you want to redeem 5,000 points, you will only get $5. It’s a bit unreasonable. Though, when you level up, your redemption rate becomes smaller.

Besides the loyalty points which you can redeem for cash, you can also receive perks from JackpotCity. As you level up, you receive several beneficial options such as free spins, cashbacks, tier bonuses on each level, a better support service, and more. After you reach the Diamond level, you can get an invitation to the Prive level where you are to expect the higher bonuses, personal assistant, special events, and much more. However, to be invited, you need to be consistent in your big deposits.


JackpotCity casino is the best online casino in Canada according to many sources. Players like the casino for many aspects including real payouts, huge welcome bonus, 24/7 customer support, and the loyalty program. We recommend taking part in the program, especially if you are planning to play at JackpotCity for a long time period. If you play permanently, you will have great chances to earn money and to level up to the VIP status.

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At Jackpot City Casino, no one is left disappointed and especially not for the loyalty shown to the casino as Jackpot City Casino tremendously respects and rewards the loyalty of its players. You can earn Loyalty Points or Comp Points the moment you start wagering at the casino. These points can be redeemed later on for real money.

Let's take a look at how the Loyalty Rewards Programme at Jackpot City Casino rolls out:

What is the Jackpot City Casino Loyalty Programme?

  • Jackpot City Casino honors the loyalty of its new and existing customers alike. From the moment you signup at Jackpot City, you can start earning Loyalty Points right from your first deposit. After acquiring the required number of Loyalty Points, these can then be exchanged for real money/free cash credits.
  • Total Loyalty Points = Bonus Loyalty Points + Tier Loyalty Points.
  • When you play at Jackpot City Casino, you will earn Loyalty Points at each Tier. Tier and other special bonuses will earn you Bonus Loyalty Points.
  • Tier Loyalty Points will promote you to the next Level/Tier. But for redemption of Loyalty Points, both the Bonus and Tier Loyalty Points will have the same values.
  • Each loyal player will be entitled to these benefits:- Earning and Redeeming Loyalty Points for real money, International Customer Support for 24/7.

The Loyalty Points alloted in different tiers are described below:

Status Points0 – 9991,000 – 9,99910,000 – 19,99920,000 – 39,99940,000 – 59,99960,000+
Tier Bonus01%5%10%15%20%

How to Earn Loyalty Points?

  • Loyalty Points can be earned by the loyal players only when they wager real cash at the casino. More playing and more wagering will help you earn more points.
  • These Loyalty Points can be redeemed for real money in multiples of 200 and can be used to get an entry into other Promotions as well.
  • The number of points that you will earn will determine your Loyalty level.
  • These Loyalty/Comp Points can be found by logging in, and then checking out the Loyalty/Comp Points balance present at the bottom left corner of the casino main page.

Terms and Conditions

  • The casino will send you a warning message which will appear on the 'Redeem Points' page, reminding you about the expiry date of your earned Loyalty Points.
  • Playing and wagering money at the casino is necessary to earn Comp or Loyalty Points.
  • After earning the required number of Loyalty Points at Jackpot City Casino, they can be redeemed in multiples of 200.
  • Loyalty Points can not be earned by wagering done with the bonus funds.