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Big Top Slots Tourney

How to run a virtual bingo game on myfreebingocards.com. Our free bingo cards come with three different call sequences so you can play three different games of bingo using our caller. Paid-for bingo cards for more than 30 players come with 100 call sequences, and include the ability to call the bingo.

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Special Funding Bonuses

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  3. The 3x3 bingo board maker and 4x4 bingo board generators are a bingo game makers that allows you to create bingo boards for vocabulary practice using images. You can select the image you want to use and type in any text you'd like. So, you can choose from 1,000s of images to create the perfect bingo game board.

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Women's Bingo Tourney

Let's make everything equal this March in our Women's Bingo Tourney. Taking place every Monday from 6:00PM EST, we're running Fair N Square games non-stop for four hours. There's a prize pool of $1,500 to be split among the top 20 players with a top prize of $500.

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March Madness Bingo Tourney

Paw Patrol Dog House Bingo Game

Join us from Monday to Thursday in our Spring Bingo room for some true March Madness. We're running our exciting bingo tourney where the first place prize is $1,600.00 in cash. Crazy games are all the rage, with variable pots up to $100.00, so grab your cards now!

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Dog House Bingo Game

Sample Bingo House Rules

(updated 10/13/04)
Each licensed authorized organization must, pursuant to Rule 5820.53, adopt house rules to inform the players how situations not addressed by law, rule or regulation will be handled. Such house rules shall include, but need not be limited to, the licensee’s policy stating whether or not seat reservations are permitted, how 'late calls' of bingo will be addressed, the effects of electrical power interruptions, participation by minors, and the licensee’s policies determining whether or not a player’s winning bingo pattern must contain the last number called in that game, and whether or not another ball must be drawn and announced when a single player obtains two parts of a multiple-part game on the same call. House rules shall be prominently posted, listed in the bingo program required by Rule 5820.39, and shall be audibly announced prior to the commencement of each licensed bingo session. 1) The first game begins promptly at ______ [list the time that the first ball will be drawn]. 2) Only one admission card or package can be purchased, per player. Every person entering the bingo hall, including minors, must purchase at least an admission card or package. No person shall play more than one admission board or package. 3) No child under the age of ____ [age to be determined by each licensed organization] shall be admitted to our bingo hall. You may be asked to provide proof of your child’s age. 4) Children shall be accompanied and controlled at all times by responsible adults. 5) No seats can be saved using bingo cards, daubers or other items. 6) Bingo cards are sold randomly; players shall not select their own cards or packages. 7) No bingo card shall be exchanged unless it is defective due to a manufacturing error, or it is an exact duplicate of another card purchased by the same player. 8) Ink daubers must be used for all games played on newsprint paper cards. 9) A Regular Game of bingo is a game that can be played using a face-card included in the admission package. Opportunities to participate in Special Games, including Early Bird (share the wealth) games, must be purchased separately. 10) No ball is official until the letter AND the number have been announced by the Caller. 11) A call of bingo will be honored and the winner paid until both the letter and number of the next ball drawn have been called. Once the caller announces the letter of the ball, the number must also be announced. No call of bingo will be honored after an announcement has been made that the game is 'officially closed.' 12) The flash-boards are a convenience to the players. Winning cards will be verified by the Caller’s comparison of the numbers appearing on the balls drawn and called with the numbers read back from the player’s bingo face-card by the floor checker. If there is a discrepancy between a number appearing on a ball drawn and a number appearing on the flash-board, the number on the ball drawn is official. 13) A player does not need to bingo on the last number called to be eligible for a prize.
A player must complete a winning bingo pattern on the last number called. A 'sleeper' is ineligible to win the prize associated with a winning pattern after the next ball has been called. 14) It is the winning player’s responsibility to stop the game by raising his or her hand and calling out 'BINGO' loud enough to be heard. 15) Organizations are urged to choose ONE of the following house rules: If a player wins two parts of a multiple-part game (for instance, a letter T and a Round Robin) on the same number called, that player is entitled to both prizes, without another number being called.
If a player wins two parts of a multiple-part game (for instance, a letter T and a Round Robin) on the same number called, the prize for the letter T shall be awarded, another number will be called, and the winner(s) of the Round Robin shall be paid. 16) Disorderly persons will be asked to leave the premises, and no refund will be offered. 17) If a power outage occurs prior to the halfway point of the bingo occasion, we will attempt to refund each player half price for their bingo cards. If the outage occurs after the halfway point, the occasion will be considered over, and no refunds will be made.
Take your newsprint opportunities home with you and bring them to the next occasion where the occasion will be completed;
Power outages are beyond our control. Therefore, no refunds will be made if a power outage occurs after the games begin. 18) All problems, questions and/or disputes will be resolved by the Members In Charge. Their decision is final. 19) All of our workers are volunteers and are conducting these bingo games solely to raise money for our organization’s lawful purposes. Our volunteers are prohibited from participating in the games in any way. Please do not ask them to watch your cards. 20) We thank you for your patronage and support. We hope you win, but please keep in mind that the primary purpose of these games is to have fun and help us raise much-needed funds.