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In this category we list all of the online slots with progressive jackpots. Just like at land-based casinos these progressives offer the biggest jackpots. Today there are several progressives that have starting values of $1,000,000.

In almost all cases playing max bet is required to win the main jackpot so be sure to check the pay table before you play. Unlike offline jackpots which are paid in installments, all of the online jackpots (with the exception of IGT progressives) are paid out in a single cash payment.

If you're looking for bigger payout's. Progressive jackpots slots are what you're looking for. With progressive slots jackpots that are being added to by multiple people on every spin, they can grow pretty quickly.

Exact matches only. Search in title. Search in title. No cash is needed here as this is a free slot, meaning no deposit is required for you to enjoy this slot. Many online casinos will also have no deposit offers for new players, so it's worth checking what's available before you pay to play. Can I Download Hot Shot Progressive Slots?

Welcome to the best place to play FREE online slots and video poker. Choose from 30+ totally FREE 3-reel and 5-reel slots. No installation or download needed, just. The first progressive slot to appear online was Cash Splash which was released by Microgaming in 1998. It was an instant hit with players due to the fact that it hit very frequently and the jackpots grew quickly. Even over a decade later Cash Splash is still one of the most popular progressive slots and now comes in a 3 or 5 reel version. The most exciting thing about playing casino games is winning, while progressive jackpot party slots provide an opportunity to win more than any other games do. The sums of money you can win are huge, and keep getting bigger with every bet that you or the others place while playing a certain game (individual progressive jackpot) or on multiple slots that form a progressive network, often.

As part of our way of increasing the fun of playing our range of free slots. We have added the chance to win a $20 prize for any player hitting a progressive jackpot within a game. So although the slot games are totally free to play, you still have the excitement, of possibly winning a real money prize. This is just one of 7 ways you can win real money with freeslots4u.com.
*Note: After winning any in-game progressive jackpot a random number generator will determine if you also win the $20 cash prize. You can check this page, below, to see if you have won. You must be logged in to be able to see your name and to claim your $20 prize. Your username will also feature on our Twitter feed automatically if you win.

It doesn't matter which progressive jackpot slot you play. All of them have the same chance of winning. Once you win a progressive jackpot, your win will be announced instantly on our Twitter page. Once you're aware you have won a prize, come back to this page and check the latest progressive jackpot winners section below.

How to Claim Your Progressive Jackpot Prize

Amongst other things, this page shows all the prizes won on our progressive slots that are waiting to be claimed. If someone has won a prize and it is still waiting to be claimed. The section below will show their details and a claim now button. If there are currently no prizes waiting to be claimed then it will not show a claim now button. Instead, it will cycle through all our progressive slots and provide a link to them in the form of a play now button.

When you have won. To claim your prize click on the 'Claim Now!' button in the slider below. Login if you're not already logged in. You should then see a message congratulating you on your win. We will then contact you by email about your claim. As always we will email you on the email address that you used when you created your login to our games.

You have 5 days to claim your prize from the time you win the progressive jackpot.

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Free Online Progressive Bonus Slots

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Free Progressive Slots for Mobile & Desktop

The progressive slots in this section, have been made in such a way that they can be played on both mobile devices as well as desktops.

Desktop Only Progressive Slots

These progressive slots have been created using Flash. Unfortunately, this means they can only be played on desktops and laptops that have Flash installed and enabled in their browsers.

How to Take Part in Our Progressive Jackpots Competitions

Progressive jackpots are really just bonuses within a slots game. Unlike other bonus features. When playing slots for free in a casino, progressive jackpots are not normally activated. In fact, many if not all progressive slots in a real casino must be played with real money.
On freeslots4u.com all our slots are free, however, progressive jackpots must be activated. All you need to do is create an account for our games and login to the games. Once you are logged in the progressive jackpots will be active.
Once the progressive jackpot is activated, every spin you make adds towards the total jackpot amount and your in with a chance to win a prize.

Previous Progressive Jackpot Winners at Freeslots4u.com

The following table lists all our members that have previously won a prize on our progressive jackpots.

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Previous Progressive Jackpot Slots Winners

Free Online Progressive Slots

What Are Progressive Slots?

Progressive slots are slots with a jackpot that increases the more the slot game is played. Generally, every time someone spins the reels, the progressive jackpot will increase. You can find these types of slot machines in the casinos in Vegas. You can also find them right here on our site!
Progressive slots games can have either a stand-alone progressive jackpot or what is known as a linked progressive jackpot.
A stand-alone jackpot is where each slot machine has their own jackpot amount. This means that when one person is playing on that slot machine, only they are increasing the jackpot and only they can win the jackpot.

Our progressive slots are linked progressive slot machines. This means each game can be played by many players at the same time and all the players playing the game add to the same progressive jackpot and any player can win the progressive jackpot.


Free Progressive Slots Online No Download

Different games offer different ways to win progressive jackpots with some games offering random jackpots that can be won at any time. Even by a player's very first spin on that slot game. While other progressive jackpot games may require players to win a certain reel combination. Such as 5 special symbols on a payline. Or complete a certain game based task (such as winning a special bonus game).