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UPDATE 12.05pm: The UK Gambling Commission, which helped bring this case to court, has now weighed in with its own words on YouTuber Craig 'Nepenthez' Douglas' sentencing:

'This was one of the most serious cases that has been investigated and prosecuted by the Commission,' its boss Sarah Harrison said. 'Its gravity is reflected in the significant financial penalties imposed by the Judge.

'The defendants knew that the site was used by children and that their conduct was illegal but they turned a blind eye in order to achieve substantial profits. The effect on children of online gambling was rightly described by the Court as 'horrific' and 'serious'.

'All websites offering gambling facilities in Britain must be licensed; it is the only way in which children and vulnerable people can be protected. This case demonstrates that we will use the full range of our statutory powers to investigate and prosecute individuals and companies who try to operate illegally.'

UPDATE 11.30am: YouTuber Craig 'Nepenthez' Douglas has been ordered to pay fines and costs of £91k, while his business associate Dylan Rigby has been told to pay £174k.

The fines are not minimal, but FUT Galaxy is reported to have made £96k profit between July 2015 and February 2016 - at the expense of the players Douglas attracted to the site.

The financial penalties also come instead of possible jail sentences.

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Douglas and Rigby were admonished in court for the length of time they operated the site and allowed children to take part, The Guardian has reported.

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Jurors heard how one 14-year-old boy lost £586 in just one day.

Video evidence from the Nepenthez channel also showed Douglas telling viewers: 'You don't have to be 18 for this, because this is a virtual currency.'

UPDATE 7/2/17 9.30am: YouTuber Craig 'Nepenthez' Douglas has suggested he will pay a 'substantial' fine but avoid prison after pleading guilty to two charges of illegal gambling.

That's according to Douglas himself, who last night updated his 1.4m fans via Twitter after getting home from his appearance in court.

'I'll upload a video in due course presenting my side of the story. The facts remain I plead guilty to two charges, and a substantial fine was the outcome,' he wrote on Twitter.

'The worst year of my life concluded today. I have so much to say, but you'll take whatever judgement you feel needed from the press,' he added.

'I want to thank all of those that have supported me through my journey. I would understand any viewers choice to no longer watch my content. I owe a huge apology and debt of gratitude to my loyal supporters. Even if this is the end of our journey together, I'm grateful.'

Both Douglas and business partner Dylan Rigby are due to be formally sentenced later today.

The pair ran an unregulated gambling website, FUT Galaxy, which used FIFA Ultimate Team coins as currency. There's more detail in our original story below:

ORIGINAL STORY 6/2/17 5.30pm: High-profile British YouTuber Craig 'Nepenthez' Douglas has plead guilty to offenses under the UK Gambling Act.

Douglas, 32, and business partner Dylan Rigby, 33, were in court today to change their pleas - both had previously said they were innocent of promoting a lottery, advertising unlawful gambling and inviting children to gamble (as reported by BBC News).

The case, which is still ongoing, is the first in UK legal history to centre on a gambling website connected to a video game.

Douglas ran FUT Galaxy, a site which let users place bets using FIFA's coin-based currency. He also made videos showing himself winning thousands of pounds, in which he encouraged his 1.4m subscribers to play as well.

Evidence dug up at the time suggested Douglas had not disclosed his ownership of the site. Viewers also questioned the accuracy and fairness of the bets he was shown winning.

The UK Gambling Commission intervened and charged both men late last year.

It follows a similar incident which sparked headlines earlier in the year involving fellow YouTubers Trevor 'TmarTn' Martin and Tom 'ProSyndicate' Cassell - although neither have yet been charged.

Both Douglas and Rigby are due to be sentenced when the case resumes tomorrow.

FIFA 19 can be played both online and offline in a variety of modes. This guide shows you the type of game modes available offline and online.

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Online Game ModesOffline Game Modes

FIFA 19 Game Modes Overview

FIFA 19 game modes allow players to customize their gaming experience. Enjoy single player games in offline modes while multiplayer games are available for both offline and online modes.

Online Game Modes

Play online when you want to step up the competition when playing FIFA. You have the option to play with/against friends or even against players from around the world in single or ranked matches.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Create a squad from the ground up and compete against other players online to show who has the best squad! Participate in weekly tournaments and earn rewards to further improve your FIFA Ultimate Team!

Check Out FIFA Ultimate Team Here

Squad Battles

Compete with your FUT Squad against online players in Squad Battles! Start racking up your points to earn great rewards you can use to further improve your FIFA Ultimate Team!

Check Out Squad Battles Here

FUT Division Rivals

Play your FUT Squad against opponents of a similar skill level in the Division Rivals game mode! Compete at a weekly basis to earn rewards of your choosing!

Check out FUT Division Rivals Here

FUT Draft Mode

You would need to spend some FUT Coins, or FIFA Points to participate in this mode! Create your club from scratch and compete against other player-made teams to earn rewards and further improve your main FUT Squad!

Weekend League

Take on the best players in FUT! One of the most competitive modes in FIFA, with its own qualification process, the Weekend League is where you test out your skills against talented competition and earn lots of rewards!

Check Out The Weekend League Here

Pro Clubs

Bring your Career Pro to the Online Pitch

Use the Pro Player you created in Career Mode and join a Club or create your own.

Option to Play Ranked or Random Matches

Participate in ranked matches or just participate in a Drop In Match to play a random game.


Play A Full Season for 10 Games

Use your favorite club and participate in divisional matches online with the ultimate goal of winning the division title.

Advance Through Divisions

Start from DIV5 and get promoted up to DIV1 by winning matches.

Season Co-op

Non-Random Seasons Game Mode

Play with friends and aim to get the best record for the Season.

Get the League Title by Advancing

Start from DIV5 and make your way up to DIV1 to win the League Title.

Online Friendly Match

5-Game Single Season Match

Play against a friend online in a 5 match season with the player who gets the most points winning the season.

Option to Continue for Another Season

You can choose to continue by creating another Online Friendly Match to see if the winner can retain the title!

Offline Game Modes

Offline Game Modes are the ones you can enjoy even without an internet connection. Perfect for a quick FIFA fix or when you want to play casually with a group of friends.

Kick Off

Casual Game Mode

5 new match types have been added to the Classic Match allowing players to enjoy from UEFA Champions League to no rule matches.

All Clubs Available and Customizable

Available clubs in FIFA 19 can be used in this game mode. Freely customize formations, tactics, and even apply House Rules which can be unique goals absent in normal games.

Check Out Kick Off Mode Here

The UEFA Champion's League

Multi-Stage Tournament

Choose your club and play the famous tournament starting from the group stages until the finals at Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid.

Genuine UEFA CL Experience

This game mode includes official match presentation, tournament experiences like the Europa League and Super Cup, along with an updated commentary team.

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The Journey: Champions

Roleplaying Story Mode

Play as Alex Hunter, Kim Hunter and Danny Williams in training and matches. Choose how they respond to challenges and shape their football careers.

Achieve Goals to Succeed

Goals will be given throughout the mode that you need to clear. These take the form of training and matches so make sure you keep your playing skills sharp to get favorable evaluations from the coach.

Check Out The Journey: Champions

Career Mode

Develop the Career of a Player or a Manager

Choose to take on the challenges of building up a player's career or taking the wheel of steering a whole club.

Go from Nobody to a Star in Player Career

Start as a rookie and make your way up the career ladder by training and playing well in matches. Watch your hard work pay off in the form of offers from famous clubs around the world.

Run Your Favorite Club in Manager Career

Fifa 19 Gambling Sites

Practice negotiations as your build and improve your team. Manage your team finances and keep the board happy by meeting the goals they set.

Check Out Career ModeFifa 19 gambling sites


Single Elimination Tournaments

Play tournaments from around the world using a single elimination

Men and Women's Tournaments Available

Over 50 tournaments from 28 countries can be played for the Men's Tournaments and the Women's International Cup is available for Women's Tournaments.

Ultimate Team(Offline)

Create and Play Your Dream Team

Build your FIFA team from scratch and participate in single-player leagues and tournaments. Improve your team as you go before bringing them to online matches.

Complete Objectives to Earn Coins for Improving Your Club

Objectives come in Starter, Daily, and Weekly varieties. Difficulty also varies with more difficult objectives rewarding more coins.

Skill Games

Practice Mode for Improving Your Skills

Improve your skill proficiency by playing Skill Games. This mode both teaches and trains you on the basics, passing, dribbling, defending, and shooting.

Check Out Skill Games Mode Here

Proficiency Progresses from Bronze to Gold

Difficulty levels increase as your skill level progresses. This is best used to work on skills that you have difficulty using. Google blackjack.

Practice Arena

One on One Against the Goal Keeper

The Practice Arena allows your to go one-on-one against the goal keeper or vice versa. Try out moves in this mode before taking them into a live game.

Best for Field, Free Kick & Penalty Kick Practice

Discover the best ways to get around a goal keeper in this game mode. Get to know how to leverage setting pieces.

Check Out Arena Mode