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If you know all about fantasy golf then you may have heard of a company called DraftKings. If so you may be wondering how does DraftKings work?

If this is the case then you’re in the right place!

In our DraftKings Review we will guide you through everything that you need to know about DraftKings, how it works and what the pros and cons are so that you can decide if it makes the list of best fantasy golf sites for you.

So let’s get started!

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DraftKings Quick Summary


How Does DraftKings Work: Overview

As a company DraftKings was formed in 2011 and they focus on a mixture of both daily and weekly Fantasy Sports – Wikipedia

We’re going to start with a brief introduction to who DraftKings are and what they are all about.

In the Fantasy Sports arena there are two major players and DraftKings are one of the main ones along with FanDuel.

The sports that they focus on range from sports like the wildly popular fantasy football to other sports with smaller yet passionate audiences such as Fantasy Golf.

Through fantasy sports on DraftKings, players win points based on the performance of their daily fantasy sports team.

DraftKings: How To Play

Step 1: Signing Up

The first step to getting started is to sign up for DraftKings.

The best thing about signing up to DraftKings is that it is completely FREE and you often get deposit bonuses on your first deposit which is great for while you are getting started on the platform.

Step 2: Enter A Contest

Once you have signed up for an account with DraftKings you will want to find a contest that you feel is right for you to compete in.

Step 3: Do Your Research

Now that you know the sport and type of contest that you will be entering and key information such as when it is, the type of contest it is and how the scoring system works you should conduct your research into the best fantasy picks.

The type of players that you select for your roster can depend on the type of contest that you are entering.

As an example, when making your fantasy golf picks, the type of golf course can affect whether you choose long hitters who may be inconsistent or steady, consistent golfers.

Step 4: Select Your Roster

Now that you know which type of contest you are going to be taking part in.

Step 5: (Hopefully!) Win Prizes

The final step is to watch the sports action unfold whether it be the NBA, NFL or PGA Tour.

Based on good research and a strong performance of your fantasy team you should hopefully be in with a great chance of winning prizes based on the selections made for the fantasy contest that you have entered.

Different DraftKings Contests

You will find a wide variety of contests when you sign up for an account.

Pros Of DraftKings

Prizes: There are huge potential prizes to be won each week with DraftKings which is a great way to add extra competition to the games.
As one of the largest daily fantasy sports sites on the internet you can be sure that there will always be available to contests to enter across a range of types.
Fun to play: As with all daily fantasy sports, if you are invested in your squad and the contest that you have entered then you will have fun playing.
Flexibility: You are not just limited to one sport when you sign up for DraftKings. The platform covers a wide range of sports including Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis & Fantasy Golf.
Short Term Options:
With some different variations of daily fantasy sports you will be required to take part in season long games. However, what separates DraftKings is that there are options to play weekly or daily competitions which are great for short term fantasy sports players or even players who want to play regularly. However, you can also play season long in private leagues.
Beginner Friendly: Comes with beginner game modes which are great for gaining experience.


Cons Of DraftKings

State restrictions: Although DraftKings can be played in many countries and the majority of states, the website is restricted in certain states in the US. The current restricted locations are the following: Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, and Washington.
Ease of use: The only other potential con that we’ve noticed is that the platform itself could be easier to use. They do have great beginner modes for getting started, but just getting yourself around the site may take a few minutes. If you are looking for a user friendly platform then you may prefer to learn more about Fanduel (Full Review).

Frequently Asked Questions About DraftKings

Are DraftKings winnings taxed?

Yes, winnings will be taxed. If you make a net profit of over $600 for the year then you will be issued a 1099-MISC tax form.

Are there any DraftKings promo codes?

Yes, quite often there are DraftKings promo codes with great bonuses for when you sign up for an account.

You can find the best DraftKings Promo Codes here.

Does DraftKings have an app?

Draftkings Online Sportsbook

Yes, the platform also comes with a mobile app which makes it easy to play while you are on the go and not restricted to just playing on desktop.

Can I enter Free Contests?

Is DraftKings legal?

It is legal in most states in the USA with the exception of Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, and Washington. The company also offers sports betting which is legal in certain states too.

How do you withdraw money from DraftKings?

To withdraw your winnings simply head to the withdraw section, select the amount that you would like to withdraw and then proceed with the chosen withdrawal method.

What is the best strategy on DraftKings?

This can be subjective and vary on a contest by contest basis. However, as we are golf focused here are some of our best fantasy golf strategies.

How long does it take for DraftKings to payout?

As stated above it is really easy to withdraw your winnings from your account. Processing your payout however may take 2-7 days.

DraftKings Review: Conclusion

To conclude, now that you’ve learned how does DraftKings work, it is time for you to make the decision of if it the best fantasy sports platform for you to get started.

In our view DraftKings is one of the very best choices that you can make for Fantasy Sports for all of the pros that we highlighted earlier in the guide. It is a great place to get started with Fantasy sports and with it being so popular you will always be able to find some contest or event that you can get involved with. Like we state, it may take a few minutes to learn your way around the website moreso than a platform like Fanduel (You can compare FanDuel vs DraftKings here) but once you have picked it up you should be in a good position going forward!

Two ads. Not that big of a deal. Two Super Bowl ads? A much bigger deal, and markedly more expensive.

These particular 15-second DraftKings Super Bowl LV ads, which will put the daily fantasy and sports betting behemoth on the biggest national sports stage for the first time are worth skipping the cheese tray over on Sunday. The ads will air on the big day, while the ones included in this article are either recent or older, just for context.)

Draftkings Internet

Granted, the notable absence of traditional heavyweights such as Coca-Cola, Budweiser and Pepsi from the heavily anticipated Super Bowl ad lineup already clears the deck for DraftKings’ pitch.

But the company’s position as both a DFS purveyor and legal sports betting outlet with the greatest national reach – 14 states – will make this an interesting study in balance.

DraftKings’ ads will tout a free-play pool, but sports betting will come quickly to mind for many viewers, even if their state hasn’t legalized it yet. And that seems like part of the calculus.

DraftKings co-founder and president Matt Kalish said in a statement to PlayUSA, “As an Official Partner of the NFL and Super Bowl LV, DraftKings is thrilled to be the first in our industry to run national Super Bowl spots,” and although these spots are for a pool, he noted to AdAge that since the resumption of team sports following COVID-19 lockdowns, “there’s tremendous momentum in not just fantasy sports, but also sports betting, which is … rapidly expanding throughout country.”

With DraftKings spreading into those states with it, especially those with mobile and online markets, its 30 seconds will be a timely refresher on the brand for potential customers who don’t currently play DFS or wager much more than Super Bowl squares on an NCAA Tournament pool.

Landscape crucial as DraftKings enters Super Bowl ad mix

The timing, said Victor Matheson, a Holy Cross economics professor who studies sports and gambling, is therefore perfect. “We’ve seen a huge expansion of legalized sports gambling. Most of the states are at least contemplating legalizing it, so that’s a totally different environment,” he said. “There’s a difference between advertising beer in 1926 in Prohibition and advertising it 10 years later and once it’s lifted. so that’s one thing.

“A second thing is, they’re not the only vice that advertises during the Super Bowl. Budweiser has been kind of the king of advertising during the Super Bowl – although they’re not doing it this year – and they concentrate their ads on not advertising sloshed drunken freshmen after their 30th beer. It’s always followed with a ‘drink responsibly’ sort of tagline. It’s a different world and of course it’s perfectly possible to advertise sin products pretty successfully during the Super Bowl.”

The Super Bowl spots, produced internally and hosted by familiar company presenter Jessie Coffield, will air in the second and third quarters to promote a fourth-quarter prediction pool with fare such as last touchdown-scorer and yardage markets, according to AdAge.

All entrants are assured a prize from $3 to $25,000 with a winner share of $1 million.

How could ads differ from vintage DraftKings spots?

The ads figure to be much more tame than the edgy offerings that irritated television viewers because of their content and volume six years ago as DraftKings and FanDuel battled for national supremacy when space in the wording of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 allowed DFS to mushroom into a billion-dollar industry. It could also spark a furious grab for customers.

According to commercial tracking service iSpot.tv, DraftKings and FanDuel bought the equivalent of a national television spot every 90 seconds for 21 straight days preceding the 2015 National Football League season, with DraftKings purchasing 41,064 commercials for $131.6 million and FanDuel 22,058 for $75.4 million. They had combined to purchase around 22,000 total in 2014.

Researcher Bandwatch reported that 76% of FanDuel’s spots and 75% of DraftKings’ were viewed negatively by audiences at the time.

Draftkings Online Poker

Stung by the backlash and how it eased numerous state attorneys generals’ public perception effort in their attempt to crack down on the industry as gambling, both companies vowed moderation and the American Gaming Association devised an advertising self-regulation “code of conduct” for stakeholders as sports betting began to proliferate.

But companies will still fight for what is being realized more and more as a lucrative legal sports betting pie. The content of DraftKings’ sports betting commercials in Tennessee have been heavier on local pride than snarky pitchmen in tweed jackets as it competes with five other operators for market share there.

But University of Memphis associate professor and gambling observer Cody HavardtoldPlayUSA that the frequency of sports betting ads in general, was “like every commercial break,” though he noted BetMGM and FanDuel as the most ubiquitous.

Choosing tone, tempo key in marketing anything

Eric Bradlow, Professor of Marketing, Statistics, Education and Economics and Chairperson of the Wharton School Marketing Department at the University of Pennsylvania, said the key is segmentation, or “choosing your target customer.” Mfortune stop texts message.

“This at times comes with alienating those who would potentially buy your product or service,” he told PlayUSA in an email. “DraftKings, like any company, should think about the differentiating attributes of its product and service that are attractive to its customers.”

Funny. Timely. Not intrusive. Alluring. Quite a dance.

“That happens with every ad, right? You always have the possibility of oversaturating things where people just get sick of it and say, ‘You know, I’m never drinking another Budweiser again if anyone says ‘Wassuuup?!’ to me one more time,” Matheson agreed. “Knowing when to pull it while it’s fresh and before it becomes annoying is probably one of the things that a lot of time and energy has gone into in the marketing world.”

Super Bowl could presage big DraftKings year

A bite of the national apple culminates a heartening week for the Boston-based company. First, Google announced it would allow sports betting apps for download on its Play Store beginning March 1, then DraftKings’ stock prices twitched up 9% on Friday when an ARK fund began buying in.

But the national sports betting handle skewing ever-farther toward online and mobile – and therefore toward DraftKings’ strength – is what really puts the company on solid footing heading toward its cameo, Matheson said. It’s a different company, he said, with a different trajectory since those 2015 days of models twerking in togas and voiceovers by Ed Norton.

“That’s why DraftKings is in this great, unique position, and I don’t think people thought this a few years ago. I think a few years ago people were saying, ‘Oh, this is a clever way for a startup company to get around the betting problem, the illegal betting issue,” Matheson said. “But now they already have people with their app on the phone and the world is not about fantasy football.

“The world’s about DraftKings becoming a comfortable enough thing for people that people are making all of their sports bets on DraftKings. It won’t be about becoming king of your league. It’ll be about putting $10 on the Celtics versus the Pistons on Wednesday night.”

DraftKings has 30 seconds to make its case on Sunday.