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A coin-pusher from Jaleco. Click to enlarge. (members only) TECHNICAL/MACHINE PICT. Click to enlarge. (members only) TRIVIA. The Circus Circus printed panels were designed and printed at Screenprint Plus for Harry Levy. Coin Pusher Circus Drums. HaruMobile Casino. Add to Wishlist. I adjusted the balance again. SpecialGoods is subtle so I deleted it once. After increasing the type of SpecialGoods a little more, I will restore it Rule is easy! Please tap to drop the coin.

Arcade players can now join the circus without running away!

The Elaut Ticket Circus combines all the thrills, sounds and excitement of a six-ring circus in one cabinet. Players will skillfully direct coins to areas of the playfield that are chock full of RFID ticket tiles of various values. Occasionally, a star tile will fall on to the coin playfield and the excitement will rise as that tile heads towards and over the edge. Featuring a closed loop system, the tiles are returned to the playfield via an elevator system.

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Circus Circus Coin Pusher 1986

Tiles that fall over the coin ledge will move the bonus lights on the “Ticket Bonus” wheel. Stopping the lights on the “Stop Bonus” area Of the “Ticket Bonus: wheel, will award the player the total amount of tickets collected for that challenge.

Circus Circus Coin Pusher Pushers

Players using the joystick and pushbutton will direct coins with skill and precision using multi-directional automatic coin ramp. Dropping coins on to the right spot on the coin playfield will push the ticket tiles over the ledge for ticket awards. Ticket Circus is available in a– 6-Player, and 3-Player configuration. Designed and engineered in Sint-Niklaas Belgium, Elaut coin pushers are the most reliable and highest earning amusement games in the arcade!

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