Christmas Light Bingo

It’s Christmas time and here in Florida it can be kind of hard to get into the Christmas spirit because it’s warm and we don’t have snow. So our favorite tradition is to drive around and look at Christmas lights! We put hot chocolate in thermoses and bring blankets and drive around “oohing and ahhhing.”

How to play Christmas picture bingo. This bingo game is an easy, no-prep way to keep your kids occupied while you prepare for the holiday. Toddlers and preschoolers can play with this bingo as a solitaire matching game, or you can grab these free printable Christmas matching cards for them to enjoy. How to Play Christmas Bingo. Give each player 1 Christmas Bingo Card. (If you like, you can also give each player 2 or more cards.) Have everyone cross out the “Free Space” square in the middle of their Christmas Bingo Cards. Alternatively, use a Bingo chip, M&M, bead, Lego, coin or any small toy to mark the square. Christmas Lights Bingo Board You can play like a traditional BINGO game, and maybe offer a prize for the first BINGO, or see who can find everything on the board first, or just find everything on the boards together. Use a crayon or even Christmas stickers to mark the board. You could even laminate them to use over and over again!

Christmas Light Bingo

For a complete list of Christmas lights in each city of Southwest Florida, click here!

We drive (and walk) around our neighborhood looking for lights a lot during the Christmas season. So I thought I would make a game for one or two of the many times we go.

Christmas Light Bingo Chilliwack

Christmas Light Bingo When my kids were little, I often would tell them to look for certain things in people’s Christmas light. This was mostly as a way to keep them busy when we were in the car for awhile. Last year, a few of us moms took our boys to a drive-thru Christmas light display (my girls weren’t interested).

Christmas light Bingo! Super easy and fun to play with this kids.

Christmas Light Bingo Printable

Download four Christmas light Bingo cards below, print them out, and use them on your Christmas light tour!


The kids will love playing Bingo! Here is an example one of the Bingo cards you will get when you download the PDF…

Have a fun time looking at Christmas lights with your family!