Christmas Bingo Free Printable Pdf

Christmas will be here before you know it! This Christmas bingo game is perfect for playing in small groups at your Christmas party, or with family and friends at home.

I’ve included a classroom friendly black and white version because I know ink isn’t cheap. Keep reading to grab your copy of this printable holiday bingo game.

Christmas Bingo

Bingo isn’t just for fun, did you know bingo also has many educational benefits?

  • Printable Christmas Bingo Cards. This set of Christmas Bingo Cards is a five page PDF printable. There are 6 variations of the Bingo card and one page of calling cards. Before you play you’ll need to cut out the 15 calling cards and cut apart the Bingo cards as they will print out two to a page.
  • Look no further than our free Christmas bingo printable cards. This is one of the easiest free printable Christmas holiday games. Just print the Christmas bingo cards and have some m&m’s or hershey’s kisses on hand to use as space keepers, or just cut out some red and green circles from some paper.

Download or create custom printable christmas traditions bingo cards. The printable PDF file will include a calling sheet with all the words and random bingo cards. Recommended: Check out more Custom DIY Bingo Cards in many new themes and styles and for different occassions.

That’s right! Playing bingo can support the development of important skills like listening, self-regulation, and visual discrimination.

Now you have a great reason to play bingo with your kids this holiday season!

In the classroom you can invite a parent volunteer or older child to play this game with a small group.

Listening and following directions can be difficult for many young children, which is why I prefer to play this game in small groups instead of whole group.

Printable Bingo Game

Another great thing about bingo is that it is perfect for introducing children to the concept of playing group games. There are only a few rules and each player has his or her own game board.

Supplies Needed for Christmas Bingo Game (Color)

Christian Christmas Bingo Free Printable

  • Printable color version of the Christmas Bingo Game (download below)

If you would like to use the color version of this game, print the bingo mats on cardstock first, cut out the mats, and then laminate for durability.

Christmas Bingo Game Supplies (Black and White)

  • Copy paper
  • Crayons or Do-a-Dot markers
  • Printable black and white version of the Christmas Bingo Game

Give each child in your small group one Christmas bingo mat.

Free Christmas Bingo Games Printable

Next, place a bowl or basket of manipulatives to use, such as bingo chips, in the center of the table so all the children can easily reach them. I used Unifix cubes but you can use whatever is most suitable for your kids.

If you would prefer to use the black and white ink-saver version of this game, give crayons or one Do-a-Dot marker to each child. Kids love using these Do-a-Dot markers to search for pictures on their bingo mat!

Free Printable Christmas Bingo Cards


Free Printable Christmas Bingo

Then, demonstrate how to listen to the bingo caller, then search for an image on your bingo mat and cover with a manipulative or mark if the image is found. You may need to demonstrate this process for your children a few times until they get the hang of it.

Finally, start playing and let the fun begin!

Download Christmas Bingo

You can download the printable Christmas bingo game here. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Bingo Free Printable Pdf Printable

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Christmas bingo free printable pdf free

Printable Christmas Bingo Cards Free Pdf

Looking for activities that are fun, frugal, and family friendly this holiday season? Look no further than this Christmas bingo game! Trust me, these printable Christmas bingo cards are the next best thing to actual reindeer games! 😉

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Christmas Bingo Free Printable For Kids

What would the holidays be without family, friends, food, and fun? The answer: They’d be pretty darn gloomy! So grab your loved ones and I’ll help provide the fun, with great offerings like this Christmas bingo printable game.

Think a Christmas bingo PDF must be just for seniors? Think again! Your whole family will have a blast competing for silly things—like the last Christmas cookie or the last piece of Mom’s fantastic holiday fudge. Plus, this Christmas bingo game can be played just about anywhere, so even if you’re hitting the road this holiday seasons, bring it along!

Like I was saying, this Christmas bingo game is sure to check a lot of boxes:

  • It’s frugal, and therefore perfect for your overburdened holiday budget!
  • This Christmas bingo PDF is easy to use. You won’t spend 30+ minutes trying to decipher the instructions.
  • Lots of people can play at once. There are 10 printable Christmas bingo cards included, so round up your relatives and get ready for fun!
  • Lastly, this Christmas bingo printable is appropriate (and fun!) for a wide range of ages. Since there’s no reading involved (just matching), even young kids can get in on the fun.

While I can’t get enough of these cute and festive printable Christmas bingo cards, there is something to be said for fresh air and more active games, which allow you to work off that second helping of dessert! If the weather in your area is cooperative, check out these 25 outdoor party games as alternatives to the Christmas bingo printable game.

On the other hand, if you’re stuck inside and need something a little more low key than this Christmas bingo PDF printable or an activity that can be enjoyed alone, I’ve got you covered. Download this free Christmas word search printable or these printable coloring pages featuring Santa, his reindeer, or the Elf on the Shelf.

Bonus: If all of these games have helped you work up an appetite, feast on a whole heaping helping of Christmas recipes here.

Are you planning to use this Christmas bingo game to bring an extra spark of joy to your holiday party? Share your experience or any modification ideas in the comments!