Bovada Deposit

When it comes to the fees though, Bovada isn’t that great as they will only cover one deposit made every 3 months. Each additional one in this time window will have to go through a 100$ processing fee. When using Bitcoin you can withdraw once every 3 days. The minimum withdraw amount is 10$ and the maximum is 9,500$. The Bovada Casino provides all new customers with a choice between $3,000 or $3,750 in bonus money. Redeem the Bovada bonus code NEWWELCOME and receive up to $3,000 spread out across your first 3 real money deposits. Redeem the bonus code NEWWELCOME and then deposit $1,000, and Bovada will match that deposit and give you a bonus of $1,000.

  • Once you have a bitcoin wallet, add the wallet address to your Bovada account, and then bitcoin will be a deposit option. In the Bovada cashier, select Bitcoin as the deposit method and then enter the amount. What is the minimum deposit for bovada? The minimum card deposit is $20; the maximum is $500.
  • Where sports, casino and poker combine for unforgetable entertainment.
  • Bovada, as usual, is the trailblazer when it comes to sports betting deposit methods, and they are the first major online gambling site to adopt MatchPay.

How To Deposit And Withdraw From Bovada Quickly And Easily

Bovada, the US friendly site formerly branded as Bodog, have risen to become the biggest US sportsbook and casino site. They have a long standing reputation for great service and fast payments as well as a huge selection of games and different types of gambling. Part of this is that they have a great product, I particularly like their focus on recreational players – which keeps the games soft. Another part of their success comes from the fact that depositing and withdrawing are faster and easier than at any other site.

I’ll go through the different deposit options at Bovada Casino below. Starting with Credit Cards, which are working really well at the moment – then going through money transfer options which are very reliable, but do have a price. After that I’ll cover withdrawals, so you know in advance how you can receive those all-important winnings. Finally I’ll sum up with the key benefits you’ll get from playing at this site, including the bonuses.

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Bovada Casino Deposit Options – Credit Cards (Visa or MasterCard)

This should the first option you try at Bovada. While there are still some cards being blocked, there are many more MasterCard and Visa cards which will allow you to deposit first time with no problems at all. If your main card gets refused, then try out that backup card – it might just be the one. Expect Bovada to charge around 5% to cover their processing fees (they need to use middlemen to make this happen), first time credit card deposits are free of charge.

Sometimes you will find that your bank has blocked all international transctions on your card which results in not being able to deposit. This can be checked with a quick phonecall, no need to mention that your intention is to make a deposit onto a gambling site!

Pre-Paid Visa: One more alternative is a pre-paid Visa card, these can be bought at convenience stores or gas stations. You'll need to speak with the (excellent) Bovada cashier support staff first to find out which brands are currently working, the brands to go for are the ones with international support. These have an excellent first-time success rate, though are not suitable for withdrawals.

MyPayLinq: This 'Virtual MasterCard' option has now been withdrawn,

Bovada Deposit Options – Money Transfer Via Western Union

There are 1000’s of Western Union branches all over the country, and this method is a sure way to get your Bovada account funded using their money wiring service. There is a downside though, the fees which can be between 6% and 15% of the total, depending on the amount you want to transfer. The fee gets proportionally smaller as the amount you send grows. Note that Bovada now refund fees on deposits over $300 using this method.

If you want to deposit using money transfer, you should create your account and then contact the excellent support staff to ask about your deposit. They will give you the code and name you need to transfer too – and the money should be reconciled and with you very quickly after you mail support with your transaction number. This method can now be used for withdrawals too.

Bovada Casino Deposit Options – Rapid Transfer Via MoneyGram

This is a similar service to WU, only cheaper – with the transfer fees closer to 5% to 10% of your total. MoneyGram also have offices countrywide (in fact, worldwide) and can take your cash then get it wired electronically very quickly. Again, I recommend you register your Bovada.lv account, then contact the staff for the next step… This is a great method to have available, though obviously not as cheap as a simple credit card transfer.

Bovada Deposits - BitCoin

This is a more recent addition (a few years ago). You can now deposit using BitCoin, with your transfer instantly exchanged into US Dollars at the rate at the time of deposit. This used to be a tech / geek system, though is now very much the mainsteam. You will need to set up a Bitcoin wallet, and then fund it using your bank account / credit card. This is simple enough, and once you have a wallet up an running this can be used over and over for different deposits. Remember, if you keep your bankroll in your BTC wallet, you'll get to 'enjoy' the fluctuations in price, if you cash it out right away, then you can avoid any speculation and take full advantage of system as a deposit / withdrawal method - your call!

You will find a short video over at www.bovada.lv which takes you step by step through the process (which works for Bitcoin Cash as well).

Withdrawing From Bovada

The number 1 withdrawal method is via check, and unlike many other casino sites these are free of charge (unless you want more than one per month). These are usually with you within 2 weeks, which is as good as it gets for any US site in 2021.

You can also withdraw via money transfer, back to your local Western Union office. You'll need to contact support before you choose this method, and there is a fee attached. The good news is that this is super-fast, you can usually pick up the cash within 1 to 3 days.

Bovada have a reputation for being fast and fair with their player’s withdrawals – it is one of the key reasons that this site grew to be the biggest US facing gambling operator!

Bovada – Great Reasons To Play

This site have really focused on recreational players recently, running tons of promotions for smaller stakes gambling fans. Bovada also introduced slots and table games from a 3rd software house to go with their RTG and BetSoft titles. You can now enjoy Rival Gaming titles too. Combine this with great service, speedy withdrawals and a platform which includes a sportsbook and racebook too - and you'll see why this brand is considered the best out there.

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Here you will find all the information you need on how to deposit Bitcoin on Bovada and how to withdraw it. Enjoy some of the most lucrative bonuses on from the casino that accepts American players and lets them gamble with Bitcoin!

A warm welcome to all of our American readers.

Today’s article is for you as we are going to take a look at an online casino known for its great features and amazing bonuses. The name of this casino and Sportsbook is none other than Bovada.

So, is this casino “America’s No.1 online casino and Sportsbook” as their fame suggests?

How to deposit Bitcoin on Bovada and how can you enter their incredible poker room? These are all questions that are going to be answered in this article so be sure to stick around until the end.

What Does Bovada Have To Offer?

Well, the selection of games is excellent and all of the titles on their website is provided by three industry-leading software providers called Betsoft, Rival, Real Time Gaming!

What can you find on their site?

First of all, you will find the Sportsbook which is also their biggest attraction as most of their users spend their time there. A wide variety of sports is covered and there are countless betting options and special betting opportunities.

The same goes for their Racebook (Horse Racing) as well. Then you have the casino section where you will find a plethora of slots, table games, Blackjack, speciality games, and Video Poker titles.

Last is the Poker room but before we talk about it let’s take a look at the banking options available on Bovada and the bonuses they provide.

How to Create a New Account with Bovada & Deposit Options

Bovada Banking

This section is divided into two parts, depositing and withdrawing. You came here to learn how to deposit Bitcoin on Bovada so this will be the first thing we tackle.

1. Deposit

Just like Bovada advertises “Bitcoin is the cheapest deposit option at Bovada, making it the premier way to get your money in” but how can you actually do that?

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First, you would have to purchase some of the cryptocurrency but before you did that you should get a cryptocurrency wallet.

Bovada Deposit Reddit

Personally, we would recommend that you use one of the free cryptocurrency wallets provided when you purchase Bitcoin from one of the major exchanges such as Coinbase, CEX.io, or Binance.

Of course, all of those serve United States citizens as well. Bovada themselves recommendBreadWallet.

So after you get some Bitcoin you can select to store them in your private cryptocurrency wallet by using your unique address (This will look something like this: XX98BTCEKSDAXCA35B), such as Ledger Nano S or TREZOR.

You don’t have to be afraid of depositing in a wrong one as the address is unique for each wallet.

After you fund your wallet, you can then proceed to use it in order to deposit Bitcoin to your Bovada account.

You can do that in three different ways.

  1. You can copy their Bitcoin address and send money directly to them.
  2. You can launch your cryptocurrency wallet through a simple method they provide where with a click of a button the wallet interface will start up and you can deposit money that way. These two ways sound similar but they actually are completely different.
  3. Scan the QR code they will provide you with your smartphone or tablet and just input the amount you want to deposit.

However, when depositing for the first time you should remember to use the promotional code if you want to claim a bonus that is.

That changes though when using a credit card. In that case, only the first deposit is free of charge and any subsequent ones come alongside a 5.9% fee.

Keep in mind that you may encounter some extra small charges when depositing with either option.

Bitcoin ones are usually only a few cents and you won’t probably have to pay even that unless you want your transaction to be completed faster.

For credit cards, it is common for currency conversion processes to add a 3% additional fee.

When depositing with Bitcoin the minimum amount is 10$ and the maximum is 5,000$.

When depositing with a credit card the minimum amount is 20$ and the maximum is 1,500$.

2. Withdrawal

Just like before, you can withdraw your money either by using Bitcoin or Check by Courier.

When it comes to the fees though, Bovada isn’t that great as they will only cover one deposit made every 3 months. Each additional one in this time window will have to go through a 100$ processing fee.

When using Bitcoin you can withdraw once every 3 days. The minimum withdraw amount is 10$ and the maximum is 9,500$.

Bovada Deposit

If you like playing with real currencies then you can make only one withdrawal per 7 days. The minimum withdraw amount is 100$ and the maximum is 3,000$.

However, this doesn’t apply to Bitcoin transactions as all of them, no matter whether it is a deposit or a withdraw, are totally free!

Now you can understand why Bitcoin get so much promotion on the site of Bovada!

Bovada Bonuses

As this article is about how to deposit Bitcoin on Bovada we are only going to mention the Bitcoin bonuses.

You should know that the Poker bonuses may not be applicable when using Bitcoin.

We also have an article about Online Poker Bitcoin Bonuses in case you are looking specifically for this information.

However, you can either deposit Bitcoin in the casino or the Sportsbook.

If you deposit in the casino you will get a 150% match bonus up to 1,500$ which is redeemable up to 3 times. In order to get it, you must use the promotional code “BVCBITCOIN150”.

The rollover requirements are 5 times for the Sportsbook/Racebook and 30 times for the Casino and it applies both to the initial deposit and the bonus amount.

If you deposit in the Sportsbook you will get a 50% match bonus up to 500$ which can be applied only once. Use the promotional code “BVSBITCOIN50”

This option comes with a playthrough of 25 times which can only be used in the casino and it applies to both the deposit and the bonus amount.

The Poker rewards are based on the amount of Poker Points you earn while playing. Every time you reach a specific amount a cash bonus will be given to you and there isn’t a rollover requirement applied to those.

Bovada Poker Room

Just like we previously promised you, here is the part where we will talk about the Poker room.

You can download the lightweight client on your computer but you can also access Bovada’s games through your smartphone or tablet’s web browser without needing a dedicated app to do so.

The Poker tables are very well optimised and the way they are laid out makes playing on them an enjoyable and hassle-free experience.

However, don’t you think that this Poker room is for everyone as the bets aren’t as low as you would think.

In fact, the minimum bet you can place is 1$ and it’s pretty needless to say that this is just the starting bet and it can go up very fast and easily.

So if you don’t have at least 50-100$ deposited don’t you even think to join the tables.

However, regular Poker tables aren’t the only thing you will find in that section.

There are countless Jackpot Sit n Go tournaments being held on a regular basis.

There are various “Nightly Majors”, as the site calls them, tournaments held every day of the week with buy-ins as low as 11$ and prize pools that can reach the 25,000$ mark!

Bovada Deposit Bonuses

In fact, there is a guaranteed 1.5$ million total prize pool for all the Poker tournaments held every week on Bovada’s platform.

Some tournaments like the one that is hosted every Sunday afternoon at 4 PM (ET) has a 100,000$ prize pool!

New types of tables are added every now and then.

One of the latest features to get implemented on the Poker room is the “Quick Seat” which enables you to quickly change between playing on one to another table so fast that the transfer is usually seamless.


Now that you know how to deposit Bitcoin on Bovada and how the bonus system works you should be good to go and start gambling on their site.

Be sure to use the cryptocurrency we talked about and to check out their Poker room as it simply is amazing.

Read more about other cryptocurrencies you could use to play poker onlineand visit our Bovada Review for more detailed information!

Now go on and claim those beautiful Bitcoin bonuses so you can get cracking. Good luck!