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There’s no reason to travel to the casino in order to test your luck on the blackjack table. This list of apps is dedicated to all things blackjack related, giving you the gameplay you know and love right on your mobile device. Check out the sleek and realistic graphics, the challenges offered, a variety of themes, and the ability to “win big” in a virtual sense. These mobile versions of the game often end up being just as fun and challenging as the real thing.

23 Dec 2020, by Cherry Mae Torrevillas

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Blackjack BS is a game as well as a tool that helps you mastering basic strategy. Basic strategy is a result of probability and computer simulation. It gives you the best move (Hit, Stand, Double, Split or Surrender) to increase your chances of winning on blackjack tables. Don’t want be an idiot anymore when facing the blackjack dealer, start practicing now. Like other skills, the more you play, the better you get. Good luck and enjoy you blackjack journey.

Black Jack Ver en Apple Music. Top canciones Ver todo. I'm Like That (feat. Ace Gotti) I'm Like That (feat. Ace Gotti) - Single 2017. King of the Deck 2018. Mic Denzel) King of the Deck 2018. From the Beginning. King of the Deck. BLACK JACK Colin Rudling, of Shermanbury, West Sussex, recently asked 'Have you heard of a Black Jack apple? I wonder if you could identify it from this description.over 50 years ago a neighbouring farmer (at Shermanbury) had in his garden an apple tree.

  • Blackjack strategy trainer
  • Blackjack practice
  • Learn when you should surrender
  • Master basic strategy

The Riverboat Gambler app is our favourite card game app, offering 4, and rising, versions of Blackjack. The developer is very passionate about the casino category and has years of experience in that environment. What we really like are the strong reviews, frequent updates and that the developer is very active in replying to comments on the AppStore. Indeed, many of the updates are from user requests. More than just your standard card playing app with 33 different games to play.

  • Great for practicing gameplay while not at a real casino
  • Detailed instructions on each game and the rules for it
  • Sets of achievements for each game
  • A comprehensive app

Forget buying additional chips with this blackjack app. Just download and start playing right away. The game has popular Las Vegas casino style rules, beautiful card tables with Retina display and optimized, simple game controls that are easy to play, view your stats over time, double down, splits, insurance and surrender are all available. The deck shuffle animation is cool, you can customize the options with hints, music and more. Chips go from singles up to millions and there’s a help screen for those that don’t know how to play blackjack. An in-app purchase for premium version is available.

  • No chip buying, Free blackjack game
  • Traditional rules including insurance, surrender, splits
  • Retina display, optimized, nice looking tables
  • View your stats, Customize options, Help screen
  • In-app purchase for premium version

The Blackjack Trainer 21 app by Hornet ventures gives amateurs like most of us are, the knowledge and skills to make the right plays. Knowing when to stand, stick, double or surrender to most of us, is a guess based on emotions, gut feeling or what we think is the correct move. By learning the tactics, the risks are drastically reduced and the chances of winning are maximized. Getting feedback from the app and learning from it changes the game. No longer do we need to base decisions on chance.

  • Know when to stick, double or surrender
  • Get feedback on your plays
  • Works for all versions of BlackJack
  • Learn to play like a professional

The Blackjack – Free Casino Style Blackjack 21 Gambling Simulator stays true to the feel, rules and betting structure of the game. Offering high quality graphics with authentic casino sounds, the developers have done a good job of making the app feel real. Play follows genuine casino Blackjack rules with insurance paying the standard 2:1 pay-out, and the dealer sticking on 17.

  • Authentic look and feel
  • Great graphics
  • Tapping actions replicate the real casino play
  • Many different table themes

The Blackjack Online – just Like Vegas app does a good job of replicating the atmosphere and feeling of playing Blackjack in a Las Vegas casino. Starting off with offering $5 worth of free chips to new signups, the app constantly has daily bonuses and giveaways of free chips. It’s also nice to see the developers reply to comments in iTunes. Shows that they care, unlike so many developers nowadays.

Black Jack Apple
  • Authentic feel to the gameplay and environment
  • Lots of bonuses to keep you involved
  • Play with players from around the world
  • Nice graphics

For those looking to learn how to play Blackjack, this app is the ideal purchase as it will teach you strategies to play the game. It begins by teaching you all the game rules, and then put you right into a training game to help you practice. There are basic strategy flashcards included in the app for quick revision, and tips will be given to you as you play. Your performance on each game is recorded to ensure you are making progress, and a score is given at the end. The app is professionally designed and has some beautiful retina-display graphics that will make learning an enjoyable experience for you.

  • Learn to play BlackJack
  • Basic strategies
  • Training flash cards
  • Test games and score monitoring
  • Beautiful pro graphics
Learn Pro Blackjack™ Trainer app review: helps you learn basic strategy and how to win 2021

BC Blackjack offers a realistic blackjack experience that users are praising. The app features full sized cards, chips and 3D rendered tables. If you are new or need to improve your skills, this app has a built in trainer and basic strategy cards to help you learn new and proven strategies. The gameplay is realistic, there are advanced plays, free chips without waiting and more. An in-app purchase for the Pro version opens up more features like tables with higher limits, customizable table settings, practice modes, speed deal and you can remove ads. BC Blackjack brings the casino experience to you.

  • A realistic casino experience
  • Cool graphics, Full sized cards, 3D tables
  • Built in trainer, Learn basic strategies
  • In-app purchase for Pro version, Remove ads
  • Pro version has many more great features
BC Blackjack app review: a 3-D immersive blackjack game 2021

This app takes card counting for Blackjack and turns it into a fun, engaging game for users to enjoy and learn how to count cards. There’s a study guide to learn card counting, tutorials to demonstrate card counting techniques, multiple practice modes, learn strategies for Hi-Lo, keep track of your high scores, move up the leaderboards with Game Center and more. Gambling site not paying out taxes. The app has some wonderful graphics that are HD retina. The app is free, but it does have some limitations. Users will need to upgrade to the pro version for full access to all the features.

  • Learn how to count cards for blackjack
  • An app that makes card counting into a game
  • Multiple practice modes, Keep track of scores
  • Game Center integration with leaderboards
  • Free app with an upgrade to full version

Now that you have the card counting down, learn how to apply those skills with an app that teaches you the best way to play each hand. You can practice any kind of hand or choose specific ones that you want to improve on with immediate feedback. The app is fast and simple, teaches perfect strategies, has detailed stats, one tap access, customize hand types, customize table rules and a sharing function. There are no in-app purchases and most users claim they learn rather quickly by using this app.

Blackjack Apples

  • Teaches you basic blackjack strategies
  • Fast and simple to play or learn
  • Detailed stats, One tap access, Immediate feedback
  • Practice in general or choose specific hands
  • No in-app purchases, Customizable options

Blackjack Apple Tree

Here's an app that is built for the true blackjack players and enthusiasts out there who are looking for an entertaining way to enjoy it on their mobile device. The Blackjack 21 Pro app features all kinds of realistic and impressive looking graphics, gesture controls, and the ability to customize the rules. If you're new to the game there is a 'Mastering the Game' section that will take you through all the basics you need. You can even learn how to count cards if you like. This one keeps track of your statistics and you can enjoy battles against your friends in the Game Center.

  • The game can be enjoyed by beginners and advanced players
  • You can customize the rules
  • You can learn how to play the game and count cards
  • Challenge your friends through the Game Center
  • In-app purchases for chips and to remove ads
Blackjack 21 Pro app review: stack the deck in your favor and make a mint 2021

Colin Rudling, of Shermanbury, West Sussex, recently asked 'Have you heard of a Black Jack apple? .... I wonder if you could identify it from this description ..over 50 years ago a neighbouring farmer (at Shermanbury) had in his garden an apple tree which bore fruit completely dark red and flattened. The most striking feature was that it was very, very hard; these apples could be found on the ground in March in perfect condition, and they could be eaten by cutting thin biscuit sized slices. They were quite sweet, according to my grandmother, and the tree kept the farm workers in apples right though the winter and spring. The tree is no longer standing, but we called the apples Black Jacks'.
....if anyone knows about these apples, or if you know of a grafted Black Jack tree still in existence, Colin and I would like to hear from you....N.D..
UPDATE..I have been contacted by a person in Surrey, T.W., who knows a of a local Black Jack tree. He has kindly supplied a sample, and Colin has has identified them as the apple he remembers. He has also sent some pictures (many thanks):
FURTHER UPDATE: Colin has grafted about a dozen blackjack trees onto MM106; I also have one.
... ... ...
I am grateful to Alison Lean of Brogdale, who has found one reference to this variety - it was apparently exhibited at an apple conference in Sussex in 1934 and is described as dark red, flattened and very acidic, though no mention is made of its extremely late season.
This variety is not in the National Fruit Collection.

    Mel Wilson found a reference to Blackjack in HOGG:

    WINTER COLMAN (Black Jack; Norfolk Colman ; Norfolk Storing]. Fruit, above medium size, three inches wide, and two inches and a quarter high ; roundish and flattened, obtusely angular on the side, and ribbed at the crown. Skin, yellowish green, with a tinge of dull red, on the shaded side, but deep dull mahogany brown on the side next the sun, which becomes clearer and more red as it attains maturity. Eye, with broad, erect, convergent segments, set in a rather shallow and plaited basin. Stamens, median, inclining to basal ; tube, conical. Stalk, short, thick, and deeply inserted. Flesh, firm, crisp, and briskly acid. Cells, round ; axile, closed.
    A culinary apple of first-rate quality ; in use from November to April. The tree is a very strong and vigorous grower, so much so, that in its young state it is not a great bearer, but when grafted on the paradise stock it produces abundantly.

Blackjack Apple Cider

Other notes 2011, from own tree on MM106:
Strong, pleasant-flavoured large apple similar to Allen's Everlasting but less russeting, fairly acidic, juicy, crisp; good keeping quality; pick about early November for winter storage. The blossom is extremely white (see picture).
Vitamin C is quite high; measured as 7.4mg per 100g fruit in 2011.

Blackjack Applegate Fairbairn Knife

Black Applejack Hat

    UPDATE .. In April 2012 I received an interesting email about this apple from Nathan S. Ivey, Virginia, USA. It read as follows:
    ...When I was a boy growing up in Virginia in the US, I found an apple tree growing in the middle of the forest. It had these terrible looking ugly apples that I soon found were delicious! We had a small orchard at the house with a number of other varieties, but nothing compared to these mystery apples from this large old and gnarly tree in the forest full of woodpecker holes. At some point, my grandfather came to visit and I showed him these apples. He was thrilled and said that they were called Black Jack apples and that he hadn't seen any since he was a child. It's true that these apples will keep all winter in the root cellar. They are very crisp and sweet and just the loveliest apples with a delightful fragrance. Now I am looking for a Black Jack apple tree to remind me of those simpler times, when a shared apple could bring an old man and a young boy together... Any leads on a Black Jack apple tree in the United States?

      My reply:
      Dear Nathan ...Blackjack apples over here are now extremely rare; when I started looking for a tree the last official mention I could find for these apples was in the 1930s.
      They're not commercially available over here, and I don't think they are available in the USA either. I am interested to know how your grandfather knew about black jacks. was he from england? possibly from the fens? They come from norfolk, and their other name is 'winter colman'.

        Dear Nigel - My grandfather was born in Virginia in 1913 and lived in the state his whole life. This varietal must have made it to Virginia by the teens or twenties at the latest, since he ate them as a kid. Virginia is arguably one of the better apple growing areas in the US. Perhaps I will have to take a trip back to the mountain of my youth to find a sapling. After I found the first one as a child, I found they were fairly numerous growing wild in that area and frequently sprouting up under the older trees.
        (Text reproduced with Nathan's permission - many thanks..)

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