BingoSpirit is one of those sites that has a very solid offering all around, and their inactivity policy is the one black eye on their overall product. While we still recommend playing with them in spite of this, we also recommend that players remain aware of this ridiculous. BingoSpirit is an online casino that has been operating since Nomeber 01, 2004. The casino has a large selection of Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Keno, and other games from the leading software like VistaGaming, BetSoft, Rival, Saucify. Gambling is increasingly becoming a near me fulltime occupation in the current world, online bingo being a key component. Compared to other gambling games such as Casino, bingo game is considered fast-paced, featuring hundreds of fun and exciting themes, and offers substantial jackpots. Bonus: 500% on any amount. Bonus: 500% on any amount. Bonus: $100 FREE. As stated, we are.

As stated, we are reviewing 3 sites to play bingo-type games for money, and of course, online.

Bingo started as a lottery game in Italy dating back to 1530. It has been popular worldwide for centuries. But around 1929, an American named Lowe, who had played the game with friends, changed the name to Bingo and has been popularized as such ever since.

The popularity of bingo is based on one thing. In few other games can you track your progress and realize how close you are to a win. And once you get close, waiting for that final winning number is 'hold your breath' exciting anticipation.

Online casino-bingo has revived the game to new heights, Aned an online casino answers the persistent question: Where is a great online bingo-site near me?

Our top 3 online casino sites for bingo:

#1 - Cyber Bingo

The bingo-casino games are hot and heavy at this online casino that has 24 hours a day, 'near me.'

With routine cash prizes of $10,000 dollars and some games as cheap as a nickel. you can play around the clock and wager as little or as much as you please.

Of particular note is the ability to create your own lucky number cards, which makes online bingo that much more exciting.

Not only does Cyber Bingo have large payouts, but those winning large are required to submit a 100-word statement to collect. But who cares about the statements, the point being that Cyber Bingo has regular winners from all walks of life, and they publish them on their site.

This casino has been paying out a lot of money for 23 years, so it's an online destination you can trust.

Bingo Spirit is operated by the same online casino group as Cyber Bingo, so it's not surprising that the rules, the deposits, and the features are the same.

Expect games for as cheap as a nickel, high payouts in the $10,000 range quite frequently, and an overall fun bingo-orientated extravaganza of fun.

In particular, take advantage of creating your own lucky number cards is you will be a regular user of the site.

Payoffs, for Bingo Spirit, just as in the case of Cyber Bingo, are made by a third party processor who will process the money into your account. And since it's a third party depositing the money, then technically, when you receive your money, it's not from a casino, so it isn't gambling within the USA.

(You are required, however, to pay taxes on payouts.)

Again, a trusted online casino near me.

Number 3 is Bingo Billy.

The good news is there is plenty of action, and they have great customer service services including online chat.

The bad news is that payouts are limited. You cannot receive a payout of less than $100 and no more than $1,000 at a time.

That said, there is plenty of action here, so if you do not have any objections to the withdrawal limits, it's one of the few online casinos U.S. residents can legally play.

We all need some inspiration in our lives at some point, and most of us, inspiring quotes give us a wakeup call – a new beginning. It’s fascinating how outspoken and coherent some people are.

However, when observed, there seemed to be a deficiency of acclaimed quotes that relate to online bingo. Occasionally, you’ll forget that most folks aren’t into bingo like you!

So, I thought, before I start this bingospirit.com review it would be splendid if I open up with an inspirational bingo quote. Admittedly, I have to do some little moderations but the meaning is still intact.

‘No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted’ (Aesop – Greek fabulist and storyteller)

I have a strong conviction that you who are active in the chat rooms in 2021 (and I believe you are) can relate to this. No matter how miserable you are – maybe the day hasn’t gone your way – someone can lift your spirits in one of the chat rooms.

Bingo Spirit in Essence

Having been around for more than a decade, BingoSpirit, previously known as BingoSKY, is considered a top bingo casino. It’s awarded some of the largest single jackpots in bingo not seen elsewhere.

There is a wide range of classic to video slots on offer. Whatever your taste, BingoSpirit has you covered. Let’s dive in a see what games this exciting establishment has.

The website is simple and really easy to navigate. You won’t find promo codes right away but they are going to be there just follow the promotional news. It supports mobile gaming which is great as that’s what makes a modern establishment prosper.

Everything is visible and the color brings an ambient feeling which echoes calmness. It’s most definitely worth checking out if you are a newbie or a seasoned bingo player looking for a new experience.

All titles on the website are designed to use the latest Adobe Flash Technology.in order for you to play, you’ll need an internet connection of 56 kb or higher and a functional browser of your choice. Make sure that your Adobe Flash is up to date.


At the moment of writing this article, there are seven lobby games with each having its own progressive jackpot. Each room has a designated time when play begins. In case a room isn’t open, you can reserve your seat.

The titles on offer include Summer, USA, Diamond, and Tourney bingo. You are made aware that the price of each ticket is different. So upon purchase, make sure you’ve got everything spot on.


Not much for keno titles but hey! They have them, right? The number is five, which is rather disappointing but let’s hope in the future they’ll increase. There is good news though as a new type of video bingo was introduced. It brings together both keno and bingo and it goes by the name ‘Power Ball Xtra’.

This game is quite simple. You make a selection of up to an acceptable four cards. You then place a wager and you’re done. Do note that the wager placed is per card per game.

Chain reactors

Chain reactors do make any casino light up – not like a Christmas tree though! They are fun and easy games to play which makes them popular. Titles like Advent Wins, Halloween Emojis and Licky Luck are available.

Video Slots

There is a wide range of video slot games and they include 3-progressive jackpots, 31-exclusive, 68-3D, 281-5 Reel, and 43-3 Reel slots.

Video Poker

When you come to video poker Bingospirit Casino, there are three categories, which you may play. They are:

  • One-hand – 11
  • Four hands – 10
  • Ten hands – 10

Table Games

The table game collection isn’t that plenty but what’s there is going to keep you glued to your screen. The usual Blackjack-4, Holdem-2, Roulette-2 and titles like Casino War, Deuces and All American.

Bingo spirit casino is one of a kind. You’ll get bingo games, tourneys, and exquisite events. Bonuses are cutthroat with lots of games and jackpots. Exceptional bingo games provide a relaxing atmosphere.

You are able to purchase a single card between the ranges of $0.05 and $5.00 depending on the price offered. And you can only use one card for one game. The maximum number of cards you’re able to purchase is 120.

Limits on jackpots are not set as they are progressive meaning they depend on the wagers of other players. There are weekly promotions and jackpots of up to $10,000.

Are You Afraid to Miss out when not on your Computer? No Worries!

Just like any operator, mobility is key if a casino has to survive. With many operators opting out of the mobile app, the race is on to wow clients. It so happens that many gamers don’t like to download unnecessary apps that are going to take up phone resources.

Therefore, the establishment made its website mobile friendly so you are able to play while you are on the go. This is quite efficient as you’ll only need a browser and an internet connection and you are all ready to go.

You can enjoy free games and are entitled to no deposit bonus once you register and login just like from your computer. Titles can be enjoyed on any handheld device regardless of the software or operating system in use.

Premium games at the establishment are unique in terms of gameplay, graphics and cash value. In order to gain access to these games, you’ll need to top up your account with either Universal or no deposit bonus.

Get a Taste of the Goodies on Hand

Upon registration and sign up, you receive a welcome bonus in the form of 10 free spins and $25 in cash. One making your first installment, you’ll receive a 500% bonus, second 600% and third 400%. This is not that enticing but what the establishment missed bonuses made up in its mammoth of promotions.

In order to keep up to date with the latest promos, be sure to check out the newsletter on a frequent basis. This is to ensure that you don’t miss any goodies that comes up.

There are loads of promos on www.bingospirit.com that are bound to get you excited and thrilled. I will cover and breakdown some promos that you’re going to get once you are a member.


Like the saying TGIF or Thank God Its Friday, the establishment gives you winning chances every Friday night at 8:00-11:59 EDT. The prize is mouthwatering with $1,000 for the taking.

Bingospirit Bonus Code

You just need to play the tourney, cross your fingers and you could end up with $300 in cash. This offer, however, is only if you fund your account at least once every 30 days.

If you win, you can only be at the helm once every 30 days and not several times. Should you happen to fall between the first to fifth places you’ll get a cash prize. In case you fall between the sixth to tenth places, you’ll receive bonus funds.


Enjoy the world of unicorns, fairies, and magic. Every Saturday night, play Fantasy Bingo where you stand the chance of winning $15,000 in assured prizes. It’s fun and you would kick yourself if you don’t get in on the fun.

Should you triumph in the majority of the games when the tourney is going on, you stand the chance of winning a cash prize of $300. Not only will the top player win but also all the week’s best 10 players win fantastic prizes.

Free World

Bingo spirit casino lets you travel the world without leaving your country with you game mates – Sounds crazy but it’s real. Whether it’s England, Canada, New Zealand or Australia the choice is yours.

Bingo spirit $50

Win great prizes only in the Bingo Spirit’s Free World Bingo room. The room is open daily from 1:00PM-11: 00 PM EDT and has plenty of free games to savor with prizes of up to $6,000 weekly.

There are three parts in the entire gaming period and in each, you’ll get $10 totaling up to $30. If you are up to it, pack your bags and get ready for an assured trip of a lifetime with a $100 free. The cost of a card for these games is only $0.75.

One to Go

Bingospirit casino continues to thrill with their great selection of titles and prizes. If at any point you’ve come to the end of your game and its telling you that you need one to go, the casino will credit you with 250 Bingo Points.

With the given points, you are able to enter every day, week and month draw that have cash prizes. The draws are like this:

  • Every day from 11:59 EDT you’ll receive 250 points which are $50
  • Every week from 11:59 EDT you’ll receive 2500 which is $250
  • Every month from 11:59 EDT you’ll receive 5,000 which is $1,000

Get the opportunity to win by entering the draw. You’ll find this on your account which will be on the left-hand side and choose how many of your points you would wish to spend. You can do whatever you want with your points – spend or save them for the top monthly prize of $1000.

Exceptional Deposit Bonus

At bingospirit.com you are always kept at heart and awarded according to when you replenish your account. You don’t need any promo codes or bonus code or if you are a low or high roller, you’ll get an incredible amount credited to your name.

From Monday to Thursday, get Universal Bonus of 75% for installments of $25-$50, 100% for installments of $50.01-$100 and 250% for installments of more than $100.01 with a $1000 cap.

From Friday to Sunday, get Universal Bonus of installments of $25-$50, 150% for installments of $50.01-$100 and 300% for installments of more than $100.01 with a $1500 cap.

The fund won’t and doesn’t stop. Get 25% worth of Universal Bonus on each and every deposited amount. The wagering needed for the UB depends on the amount of the bonus received and installment made before claiming your bonus.

The wagering requirement is 3x the amount of the installment together with the bonus before withdrawing any winnings and bonuses. Casino games to add to the wager but they are slightly different.

Casino Bonus

With the establishment in its 23rd year, it has decided to honor you with a chance of winning daily during the month of August. There is a whopping $11,000 not cash but in prizes.

You have a chance of winning on chosen slots and each time you spin and triumph, you’ll not only get you to win but you’ll also get points and challenge for the leaderboard for greater prizes. There is $150 to be won every day.

Each Tuesday and Sunday get up to 184 free spins on two of the operator’s best video slot games Licky Luck and Party Parrot. You stand the chance of an additional 23 spins for $30 plus replenished in your account from 12:01 AM-11:59 PM EDT.

Another promo that will definitely catch your eye is the Speedie Bingo. Play high-speed bingo titles at 4:00 AM and 6:00 AM EDT every single day starting at just $10. Wouldn’t hurt, won’t it?

The card price is $0.35 and the jackpot starts at just $10, which grows, with each player’s bet. The more the number of players, the higher the jackpot and subsequently the higher the payout.

There are more winning opportunities with Speedie. You can buy 6 cards and then get 3 free. What this means is this, you select a total of 9 cards and when you checkout, you’ll pay for 6.

The promos at bingo spirit casino are indeed a lot. They give each player a fighting chance of winning at least something. You are not going to have any regrets when it comes to putting your money where your mouth is.

Do you Pledge Allegiance to Bingospirit?

If the answer is yes, then get ready to be shown with lots of goodies. First, you are going to receive Bingo points and that’s for each purchased card. Should you decide on becoming a high roller, the points will come falling in like rain.

There is also the loyalty program where you can redeem earned points for money and prizes when you’re already in a room playing. Whether you win or lose, you can redeem your points accumulated for tremendous prizes.

You are going to earn 15 points for each dollar you deposit. The points thereafter can be accumulated and later on redeemed for bonuses on the website. Find the ‘Loyalty Program’ on your account. Keep in mind that:

  • You cannot transfer points between you and other players
  • Only deposits made by e-payments apply to this program
  • The operator can make changes to the program with prior notice
  • The operator can withhold point in case of account inactivity of 60 or more days


In terms of security, the website uses 256-bit encryption, which is the latest in the market ensuring your personal information and the transaction you make on the site, are secure.

In addition to that, there is a powerful firewall ensuring games aren’t compromised by hackers and your info is protected from them too. Note that, no credit card information is stored on the operator’s databases and your information isn’t shared with any third party.

The establishment is all for responsible gambling is always looking out for you rather than suck you dry. This is a company that cares as they are humans just like you. So if you sense that you might have a gambling problem you can contact them to set limits or self-exclude yourself for a period to curb your behavior.

Bingospirit Bonus

Underage gambling is not condoned. There are verification protocols at hand to root out minors who want to cheat the system. Accounts are monitored and randomly checked to ensure integrity.

Funding and Cashing out Options

It’s really important for a casino to have enough options enabling you to cash out or fund your account conveniently. Bingospirit.com has quite a number of funding methods on offer.

You can use find visa and MasterCard, Neteller, iPoint, Bingospirit’s Gift card, Ukash, Skrill, MyVoucher and Bank Transfer. The withdrawal methods are more or less the same.

You can also fund your account using Bitcoin with is safe and convenient. Funding your account with Bitcoin gives you 20 free spins on Spinfinity Man – a superhero in a blue spandex costume.

If you win $2500 or less and want to cash out, you’ll be required to send your picture, a quotation of about 100 words. Wins of $5000 and above will require you to send in your picture and a legitimate photo ID.

The ID that you hand in for verification should contain and address which is similar to the one on your user profile. If it’s not the same then you might have to sort it out with the support staff which is quite simple.

In some other cases, you may be required to record yourself in a 20 to 30-second video and also sign a release and consent form.

Bingospirit Reviews

Assistance at BS

Get all the help that you need from the support desk at Bingospirit Casino 24/7. The modes of communication are through tickets, emails, and live chat. The response time is within 30 minutes.

Bingospirit bonus

If you have a specific question that you need help with, you’ll be informed within 48 hours before the game commences. What is needed from you will be:

  • Name and number of the game
  • Jackpot amount
  • Any other details pertaining to the game

Should you be in a rush, you are advised to use either the ticketing system or live chat. All the required emails are provided online on the website.

Bingospirit Bonus 50 Bonus


The overall feel of the site is quite refreshing something any bingo enthusiast would love. A cool background color gives the site a feeling of ambience which is welcome if you had a bad day.

Bingospirit Bonus Codes

The collection of titles is quite impressive and although the number of casino games isn’t that many, the promos have taken care of that.

Take your games wherever you are with the site’s mobile-friendly nature. Texas hold em tournament wii. Whether you just want to have some alone time or you just want excitement outside with your mobile device, you are covered.

The welcome bonus is surely a talking point as its quite massive. This for any bingo-er is a yes I am going to play.

It’s also good to know that the operator cares about the community and supports various initiatives that affect society. Not many operators do that so it’s a thumbs up to them.

The loyalty program is just wicked. You collect points from every dollar you deposit, wager for only 3x and then use it for whatever you like.

The funding and cashing out methods are effective too as you get to choose from a couple of options at hand. In addition to that, you can also use Bitcoin to fund your account, which is great. Customer support is just awesome as you get sorted out quickly.

You ought to check out bingospirit.com if you haven’t.

David Sims