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  • These free Christmas bingo cards include six cards and a game piece sheet all put together in one easy download. All the Christmas bingo cards are decorated slightly differently making this bingo game a whole lot of fun. Christmas Bingo Cards from Simply Fresh Designs Continue to 9 of 11 below.

Everyone loves playing Bingo. The thrill of the unknown…being able to scream loudly when Bingo actually happens…and don’t forget the fact that it’s a fun game that literally everyone in the family can play. Celebrate that the holiday season is finally here–print off this fun holidayphotobingo to play with the kids! It really is a simple and fun family game for all!

Bingo Holiday Download

How to Play HolidayPhotoBingo

Bingo Holiday DownloadBingo Holiday Download

Everyone knows how to play regular bingo, but photobingo can be done in a few different ways. Since there aren’t numbers actually picked for this type of Bingo, you have to be able to let your phone camera do the talking for you.

Once you get your HolidayBingo card printed, the easiest thing to do is let everyone run loose and take pictures of the items on their Bingo card. Of course, they have to be certain that they’re going to make it a legit Bingo to win!

Before even starting the game, understand what you’re going to count as a Bingo as well. This can be horizontal, vertical, pattern in an X, four corners, or all of the above! The first person to have proof in their pictures that they have the items needed wins!

Playing Bingo in Pairs

Multiplayer games with friends free. While most times Bingo is played individually, this would be a fun game to play in pairs. It’s also helpful because not everyone will have their own phone as well to take pictures.

This is a great way for siblings to help each other out and combine their efforts to take home the coveted holiday trophy! (okay, there isn’t really a trophy but you get what I mean…!)

Bingo Holiday Free Download

If you’re looking for a super fun, family-friendly holiday game that the entire family can join in on the fun, don’t miss out on this HolidayPhotoBingo. It’s addictive and a fun way to work on family teamwork as well!

Play Virtually

Bingo Holiday Free Online

This is a fun game that you can send to friends and family as another way to feel connected during this very weird Holiday season. You could meet up on a Zoom and share your pictures afterwards. Don’t forget the Christmas cookies!

Printable Holiday Bingo Games Free

Download Your Copy of Holiday Photo Bingo Here!