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Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world. In almost every country there are many bingo clubs, sometimes even big enough to let several hundreds or sometimes even several thousands of people play the game at the same time. Five dimes review. Especially in Great Britain enormous bingo halls can be found where people come to play Bingo sometimes several times in one week.

For decades it were especially the old and retired people that played Bingo. This gave the game the image of an old people game and not many younger people were attracted to the game. Since it was deemed dull and exclusively for old people. In recent years Bingo has come out of the closet so to say and more and more people are playing the game, also younger people.

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The main reason why Bingo became popular again amongst younger people is the introduction of internet Bingo. For years Bingo was the exclusive ground for people in retirement or people close to retirement, but with online Bingo a whole new group of players is attracted to the game. Although there is a growing group of older people that have an internet connection and are active on the internet, the internet still is used by people of younger and middle ages for the majority. With a casino online and other forms of online gaming becoming increasingly popular on the internet the last number of years, many games attracted a whole new audience. So too did Bingo attract an entirely new public. In the beginning it were especially women who were attracted by the online possibilities of Bingo, but today a large portion of the online Bingo players are also young males.

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One of the major reasons why online Bingo has become so popular in recent years is that the rules of Bingo are very easy to understand and people can win big prizes quite quickly and easily. Everey player gets a card with numbers on it. The numbers are randomly called and when a player has a row on his or her card of the numbers that were called or maybe even a full card, that player has won. The mechanics of the game are very simple and little strategy is involved, so it easy to understand for almost everybody. Although the game is simple, the prizes you can win are everything but simple and you can win high cash prizes playing online Bingo.