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  • Why to Make Bethard Casino YourPerfect Selection?
    • The Portal & Appearance
    • The Process of Signing Up
    • Gadgets to Play With
    • The Spectrum of Free Games
    • Promo Codes, Bonuses & Rewards
    • Safety, Security & Your OwnPrivacy
    • Clients Support
  • Bethard Casino Conclusion

Online gambling can be considered as the perfect option for numerous gamers. In what cases can this happen? Why a lot of people start joining the club of those who play on the Internet? We are going to make a couple examples to show you why playing on the Web creates so much agiotage around it.

Many gamers prefer practicing gambling on the Internet because they find this option more comfortable than going to landed gaming institutions due to various reasons. Those reasons are different. For example, the players may be homebodies and may not want to go the landed casino due to this reason. They prefer sitting at home and be so-called “freelance gambler”.

  • The choices at Bethard are endless. Apart from the myriad of gaming choices, the casino gives you an unique opportunity to choose your welcome bonus. You can choose between Sports welcome offer, casino welcome offer and live casino welcome offer. The casino bonus is pretty generous and you can claim it if you deposit €20 or more.
  • Bethard Bonus Code Aug 2020: Get up to $100 Welcome Offer In this article, we will go through the many bonuses and promotions for both new as well as existing players, showing you the many treasures that players can find with Bethard!
  • New customers at Bethard can claim the BetHard welcome offer which credits them with £5 in cash for every £100 wagered. This offer can be repeated until a total of £50 in cash is claimed. To claim this offer, simply register a new account with BetHard. Then, either place sports bets or wager in the BetHard casino and once you have wagered £.

The other gamblers may not be able to go to landed gaming institutions due to the restrictions that were set by the governments of their countries. Lots of countries start forbidding practicing gambling in landed casinos because they are aware of the fact that such activity can be addictive. The only option for casinos to continue their activity is to recreate themselves in the forms of online casinos.

Of course, there is a wide listing of opened online casinos nowadays, but this makes it even harder to find a really good, fun-filled and reliable place. It would be a mistake to call all casinos reliable because this is not true. To find a good one, you need to read a lot of reviews from professionals and real experienced customers. Today, we want to review one of the leading casinos in the UK and in the world in 2021 The name of the article’s topic is Bethard casino.

Bethard no longer operate in the UK, so there is no Bethard welcome offer for UK punters. There isn’t much to the BetHard welcome offer as you simply need to create an account and start placing bets. For every £100 you wager in your first 7 days as a BetHard customer, £5 cash will be credited to your account. You can repeat this offer up to 10 times allowing you.

Whyto Make Bethard Casino Your Perfect Selection?

Bethard welcome offer program

Nobody saysthat it the easiest thing for every gambler to find a reliable place in whicheverybody feels safe and protected. This is why we are here to help you on theroad to the perfect online casino ever. What elements should you pay attentionto before joining one or another casino?

Firstly,you need to read lots of reviews from professionals, from those people whounderstand the gambling process well and from ordinary customers who havealready tried the portal that you want to become a member of. Once you gatherenough information, you will need to put all the thoughts together and come tothe right decision.

Our goal is to tell you about one of casinos that eventually can be your place to gamble. This place is named as Bethard casino and was established in 2014, only 5 years ago. This portal appeared recently (relatively), but can be counted as one of the most loved and respect institution on the Web at the moment.

We offer you to scroll down if you want to find out what offers this casino can definitely provide you with. We are talking about the offers, such as bonuses, ability or inability to use promo codes, rewards of various kinds, promos, spectrum of games, options to commit monetary transactions with and so on. Are you ready to find it out all out? We bet you are!

The Portal &Appearance

We wouldnot open the biggest secret with saying that appearance plays a significantrole in the decision of every gambler when he/she is trying to find the bestcasino option for him/her. This is that reason which the developers of eachcasino pay attention to when designing the casino’s website.

Let’s talk about the appearance of BethardCasino, including such details as colors (both dominating and additional), the navigation and if it is easy to surf the website’s pages. We hope a lot that this article is going to come in handy for you. So, let’s get it started!

The firstthing to notice is going to be colors that were used in the process ofdesigning. Dark grey tone is the dominating color here. It is combined withyellow color for logo & white and green for letterings. The very firstthings on the page’s top are 2 sections on the left side (section “Promotions”and section “App”) and 2 sections on the right side (section “ResponsibleGaming” and section “Support”).

Also, onthe right side, you will be able to notice that there is an icon which can helpyou a lot. This icon supposes clicking on it and choose the language to switchto. This may be your mother tongue, and if there is not your mother tongue, youcan choose that one which you understand the most.

Under these4 sections and 1 language button, you will notice the portal’s logo which isdesigned in yellow tones and tells “Winners Dare More”. Near, there are 6categories, so-called 6 fast links (FL), such as FL “Sports”, FL “LiveBetting”, FL “Casino”, FL “Live Casino”, FL “Live Game Show” and FL “Fantasy Sports”.

If you take your eyes below a bit, you will be able to observe a king-sized banner which tells “The Premier League is Back!”. Football player that is playing with his ball is designed on this banner. Under it, you will see a green button “Play Here” and 3 steps for starting an instant play.

Thepossibility of observing the bottom of the page can catch your attention, can’tit? As you can see it on the attached picture, the logo and main sections neverdisappear. They are always shown for your comfortability in case of emergencyand needness. But still, those are not the only sections that may come inhandy.

If youscroll to the bottom, you will see next 7 fast links (FS, among which, thereare FS “About Us”, FL “Responsible Gaming”, FL “Terms & Conditions”, FL“Cookies”, FL “Forgotten Password”, FL “Affiliates” and FL “Privacy Policy”).Some sections can be repeated, but that’s not that big a deal, right?

There is also information about payments committing, licensing, providers of gaming, links to the pages within the social networks and an icon of live chat where you can leave a message any time that you want and wait until the response comes.

The Process of Signing Up

You cannot find the casino where the process of registration would be easier than it is in the casino named Bethard. To understand how to navigate the website and where to find the icon for starting the registration process, you do not even need us, because everything is too simple. And still, we want to talk about it a little.

There are several ways how you can open the registration tab. The first option supposes opening a tab by clicking on the button “Create Account” in the right upper corner of the portal’s page. The second option supposes opening a tab by clicking on the button “Play Here” which is situated within the banner with a football player. If you are not a registered player, the portal will offer you to sign up after clicking on “Play Here”.

Once theregistration window opens, you will see that this window is designed in thebest traditions of Bethard Casino. Yes, we are talking about dark grey, yellowand white colors. There will be 4 stepsof registering. The first step supposes entering your email, choosing thenumber code and entering the actual contact number.

Also, you will need to come up with a strong and (unnecessary) creative password. The password will need to be confirmed one more time. If you have any bonus codes, use them by clicking on the button “Bonus Code”. Once all lines are fulfilled, it becomes possible to click on the “Continue” button and get to the other 3 steps which are all intuitive and do not require to be explained at all. After the registration is passed, you can login.

Gadgets to Play With

Luckily, the casino can offer you playing from all possible gadgets that support using Wi-Fi and can work well while gambling. What devices exactly are compatible with bethard.com website? Let’s see.

  • If your main goal is to achieve the highest level of comfortability from gambling and you find computers & laptops this level of comfortability, you can use those devices without any possible problems. All you have is a good connection to the Internet. Make yourself comfortable and start playing wherever you are, be it Canada or New Zealand.
  • If your main goal is to have an undeniable and unbreakable access to the Internet from any place that you are at this or another moment and you find mobile gadgets the most suitable option for this, use devices, such as phones & tablets. To play with such gadgets, you can use browser or downloada special mobile app.

The Spectrum of Free Games

What games can you find if you become a member of the gambling club Bethard? How can you find the tab with the gaming diapason? Everything is simple. Do you remember how we were talking about 6 sections during the paragraph “The Portal & Appearance”? So, when you click on one of those sections named as “Casino”, the whole diapason of games automatically opens.

If you know the exact name of the model with which you want to gamble, you can make use of the search engine. If you do not know the exact model name, you can surf through 9 various gaming categories (GC), such GC “Top Choice”, GC “New Games”, GC “Slots”, GC “Live Casino”, GC “Table Games”, GC “Instant Win”, GC “Jackpots”, GC “All Games” and section “Favourites”.

For those who do not want to play with recorded games, but also do not want to go to landed casinos, the platform Bethard has another option. You can play live games and do it with real dealers. The playing is no way a record. Select a game to your taste and win money.

Promo Codes, Bonuses & Rewards

Bethard Casino is happy to offer you a lot of generous bonuses. Most customers are waiting for a no deposit bonus, but such gift is not provided here. Though, it still provides you with three types of welcome offer. Each welcome offeris connected to each type of casino activity. Those activities are sports betting, ordinary casino games and live games. If we are talking about sports betting, you will be able to receive 100% bonus that can let you receive up to €50.

If we are talking about ordinary casino games, you will be able to receive 100% bonus that can let you receive up to €100. And if we are talking about live casino, you will be able to receive 100% bonus that can let you receive up to €200.

To take a look at the other bonuses and free spins offers, you can click on the “Promotions” button. Each offer is displayed with a separate icon and the smallest piece of information. To check terms and conditions for each offer, you should click “Read more”.

Safety, Security &Your Own Privacy

There canbe no exception when the talk is about gamblers who want to feel safe duringgambling because every single gambler wants it. The question lies in whatmeasures of security were taken to prevent the worst agenda that frauds canthink about?

The first measure is using SSL-protocol of the latest version. The protocol is aimed at encrypting the information that gamblers decided to share with the casino website. So, do not be afraid that your information can be tackled by other users or virtual frauds. The second measure is using cookies on the website. When you firstly go to the official website by the link www.bethard.com, you will be notified that the website wants to collect cookies. The decision of using them is all up to you.

The thirdmeasure is using processes of account verification. To avoid efforts of fraudsor other users to get to your profile and review or steal your confidentialdata, you can verify your account. This is a must if you want to use allsecurity measures in full. Remember that it does not matter if your are from England, from Australia or other world’s part. The portal wants to protect everyvisitor as well.


We cannotbe always sure that even the websites with the easiest level of navigationcannot bring any problems or misunderstandings. All situations are possible,which is why we can count it as a sign that we need to be ready for everything.The owners of casino Bethard understandthis, so they try to do everything they can to help their customers in case ofemergency.

Do you remember where the icon “Support” is located? Let’s remember it. It is located at the top of the right side of the website’s page. Once you click on the button “Support”, you will receive a new small window opened. What to do next? Listen to us, please.

This windowoffers you 3 ways of solving your problem. The first way of solving the problemis named as “Contact us”. Here, youwill be offered to contact the staff either by displayed email address or bylive chat that can be opened after clicking on the button “Start Chat”. Choose which option suits you more.

Bethard welcome offer letter sample

The secondway of solving the problem is named as “FAQ”. This is the way, thanks to which,you can find the answers without any outer help or help of the staff. The FAQsection supposes showing you the most frequently asked questions and theanswers to those questions.

The third way of solving the problem is named as “Verification” and suits you only if your question is connected to this exact situation. The verification is an important part of protecting your personal account and information, so if you want to pass the verification, but do not know how, the third button is the road to your wishes.

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Bethard Casino Conclusion

This isalmost the end of our article about CasinoBethard, and as we are going to endit on such a positive note, it would be great to conclude the things mentionedabove and help you make a decision. After we put all the thoughts together, youwill be able to understand if Bethard is worth making it your perfect selection.

Theappearance is the thing that will catch your eyes from the very first sight.For the website’s design, the workers used dark grey, yellow, white, greentones and multi-colored icons. The website is one of the best ones when istouches the listing of websites with similar designs. Bethard also does notcause any problems while navigating and getting acquainted with the site.

The games diapason is wide and ready to entertain you as well. You can play slots, scratch/card games, board games, models with jackpots of considerable sums, games in live mode etc. Offers are also generous here. You can get welcome bonuses not just once, but three times during playing ordinary games, playing live games and practice sports betting.

The safetyof your gambling activity and personal documents is guaranteed thanks to usingthe latest SSL-protocol technology, cookies and verification process. All thosemeasures were taken to distinguish you information, separate it from the otherusers and encrypt all information that was shared with the casino.

If you needany help, when some question comes to your mind, do not be shy to ask for help.This is possible to do, if you use the service of the casino’s staff which canbe contacted by live chat or by email.Also, you can search for the answers in the section FAQ. If your issue isconnected to the verification process, this issue can be also solved in thesection “Support”.

As you can notice, Bethard casino is a reliable, trustworthy and entertaining casino. We can count it as a rare treasure in online gambling world. So, do your best and try not to lose such treasure. We wish you a lot of luck and much money!

Ronald Shumate

Bethard Review

Bethard is an online casino that has made a good name for itself in the space of a few years, featuring online games across a range of categories, from slots to live casino, betting and virtual sports. The site is run by Bethard Group Limited, a Maltese company which has recently obtained a license from the UK Gambling Commission. Following this development, Bethard casino has opened its virtual doors to UK players, and has also tailored its welcome bonus and promotions to this market. This review is about Bethard’s casino offering, so if you’re into slots or live casino, keep reading to find out what’s in store for you once you sign up!

Bethard casino game collection

Bethard Welcome Offer Letter

Bethard casino has got an extensive slots collection that includes all the latest and popular releases by leading developers, including Microgaming, NetEnt, Quickspin, Foxium, Thunderkick and Pragmatic Play, to name just a few.

A separate jackpot category features all those games linked to mega progressive jackpots and includes the likes of Mega Moolah, Cosmic Fortune and Hall of Gods. Bethard has also got a huge selection of classic table games, with separate categories for Blackjack and Roulette to showcase the sheer variety of different variants on offer.

With regard to live casino, at Bethard you’ll find a selection of games powered by NetEnt Live, including some Bethard exclusives such as Bethard Live Roulette and Blackjack.

Bethard welcome offer

Bethard Welcome Offer Email

Note: The below Welcome Offer is no longer valid.

One of the great things about Bethard is that its welcome bonus can be used on the games of your choice and not just on casino or slots.

Bethard welcomes new UK players with up to £50 in bonuses, which can be used to bet on sports or to play online casino or even live casino. This wager-free welcome bonus is credited instantly after wagering a total of £100 in Sportsbook, Casino or Live Casino and can be claimed up to 10 times.

Significant Terms and Conditions

  • New UK customers only.
  • Minimum £20 deposit.
  • The Bethard welcome bonus consists of 10 bonuses of £5 each, up to a maximum total of £50.
  • £5 is awarded for every £100 wagered.
  • Bonus expires 7 days after registration.
  • Customers depositing via Skrill & Neteller are not eligible for this offer.
  • The bonus is wager free and can be withdrawn instantly.
  • Bonus in Casino and Live Casino is subject to a max. bet restriction of £10 per game round or £.0.01c bet per line.

Bethard casino promotions

Apart from its welcome bonus for new players, Bethard also runs a number of promotions for existing players.

For slot players, there’s a regular offer on Quickspin games featuring a token symbol, enabling players to collect bonus-triggering tokens while playing slots by this developer.

There are also a number of special promotions, and it’s not uncommon for Bethard to hold raffles – the latter are popular for involving massive prize pools, so we think it’s always worth participating especially since prizes are paid in cash, with no wagering requirements.

Bethard promotions and offers might change from time to time, so make sure you regularly have a look at our offers section, where we only display the current casino offers.

Bethard app – play Bethard games on mobile

The Bethard mobile app is one of the sleekest we’ve come across – it features the same black and yellow colour scheme and has been perfectly optimised for playing games on the go.

Bethard Welcome Offer Program

A quick search feature will enable you to find and play over 700 casino games via the app, and of course one can also benefit from the usual promotions while playing on mobile devices.

Bethard payments and withdrawals

Bethard supports the most popular cards and e-wallets, which we’ve listed below:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • PaySafeCard (payouts have to be made via Trustly to your bank account)
  • Zimpler
  • Trustly

The casino also claims to offer ‘the fastest payouts in the industry’, and that payouts can reach players’ bank accounts within minutes after a withdrawal request is made.

Naturally, how long it takes for the money to reach your account after the transaction is processed by Bethard will depend on the payment method used.

Bethard in fact provides very useful information with regard to this topic on its website.

Bethard Customer Support

Bethard casino provides 24/7 customer support, currently via email and live chat. So far it’s earned a good reputation for offering a friendly and helpful live support, though we would love to see support being offered via phone as well.

Bethard casino – Our Conclusion

Bethard is a very promising online casino which is likely to appeal to a wide audience.

Given its extensive experience in catering to the Nordics and Germany, we are sure that Bethard has what it takes to offer an attractive and enjoyable experience even to its UK customers.

We’re excited about its recent entry into this market, and shall be doing our best to keep our readers updated about any special offers for UK players.

Make sure you visit CasinoHawks again in the next couple of weeks for further updates and to get access to Bethard’s welcome offer via one of our links.