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What Is The Point Spread? A NCAA basketball points spread is merely some points given to the underdog to provide fairness to an uneven game. This in turn puts the favorite in a position where it has to win by a certain amount of points. A typical line you will see on an NCAA Basketball sportsbooks will look like this. May 22, 2020 The most infamous example of a bad beat with the point spread probably came in the 2004 Final Four at the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Duke was a 2.5-point underdog against UConn.

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College basketball has been wagered on since the beginning of the game although the stakes were much different than today. While farmers might have bet their favorite pig on the winner of the annual rivalry game back in the beginning, the most popular way to wager is on the point spread.

  1. Men's college basketball daily lines on ESPN.com. Spread: Also commonly referred to as the line or spread, a negative point spread value (-15.5) indicates that team is favored by 15.5 points.
  2. How to read College Basketball Las Vegas Odds. Whether you’re a novice, advanced or professional bettor, the College Basketball Las Vegas Odds is simple for all individuals looking for some action on the hardwood. The most popular betting market in college hoops focuses on point-spread wager or side wagers.

Now we're sure you've got many questions and rightfully so. We haven't even scratched the surface yet but we're going to get to several important things that every sports gambler should know before betting. SportsbookGurus.com is an expert in the field of college basketball betting lines and the spread is included in that! Ready? Let's begin..

What Is The Spread For The 2014 Final Four Games?

Finalized on Sunday night after Kentucky toppled Michigan in a thriller, the spread for the Final 4 is out and there are a few surprises upon first glance. The odds shown below are courtesy of Bovada and know others legal sports betting sites may vary. If you'd like to wager on any of these spreads, they are live right now at Bovada!

Alternative Point Spread Basketball

What Is The Point Spread?

A NCAA basketball points spread is merely some points given to the underdog to provide fairness to an uneven game. This in turn puts the favorite in a position where it has to win by a certain amount of points.

A typical line you will see on an NCAA Basketball sportsbooks will look like this.


Duke (-14) vs. North Carolina State (+14). Since N.C State is the underdog in this meeting, for NCAA Basketball Gambling purposes, they are given a fourteen point cushion, while in order for the Duke to hit, they will have to win by fourteen. This is essentially what makes spread betting difficult.

Why Bet On The Point Spread?

What does alternative point spread mean in basketball

Winning bettors always look for the edge on lines. The do their homework for many games and dial in all the stats and numbers in order to make a successful pick. Some of the more standard lines you will see for NCAA Basketball Sportsbooks are the Points Spread lines. Betting on College Basketball Spreads can be very easy with some accurate player and team choosing.

Factors That Influence The Point Spread In College Basketball Games

Many times the spread can change in favor of certain game aspects. One big factor that leads to the spread changing, with respect to betting on college basketball games, is home court advantage. Lots of times teams will get the favorite status if they are playing on their homecourt in front of their fans.

Another factor that can lead changes in the point spread are injuries. If top team is facing a weaker team but loses their all star guard for a few weeks, the weaker team will in some cases get the favorite role.

College Basketball Point Spreads Today

There are also other factors that can affect spread like player streaks and overall winning streaks. The oddsmakers factor in tons of information in order to make the spread difficult to hit. With a little preparation though, the house can be broken and money can be won.

Where To Bet On College Basketball Spreads

Bovada - March Madness Bonus!

With the most NCAA Basketball point spread comes a ton of online bettors, and Bovada can handle them all. Bovada is preferred by most online sports bettors and looking at what they have to offer, it is really no wonder. Starting with the Sportsbook Match Bonuses, Bovada has a 50% to $250 match bonus. You can turn this bonus into as much as you want it to be.

Bovada makes deposits easy by accepting many of the best deposit methods available including VISA credit, debit and gift cards + getting money out is almost as easy. This site uses a variety of methods with ensure payouts are always received and that they get there quickly.

SportsBetting - Epic Player Bonus!

The pros turn to SportsBetting.ag when they need accurate point spreads where they can bet high limits. This site delivers those lines along with some generous payouts to all their customers. They also got some sweet sign up bonuses for all new players depositing. As First Deposit Sportsbook Bonuses, SportsBetting will match 25% up to $1,000 each time a deposit is made into a player's account.

SportsBetting makes it a piece of cake finding all the best college basketball odds as their navigation is intuitive. On the front page they show all the most popular bets for college basketball games listed on their board as well as the favorite picks. SportsBetting does an outstanding job providing its customers 24/7 support either through email or telephone. Overall SportsBetting offers a solid and reliable sportsbooks to all college basketball fanatics.

Best College Basketball Points Spread Sportsbooks

Ncaa Point Spread Basketball

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Bovada Review 50% - $250YESAntiquaVISIT
BetOnline Review 25% - $1KYESPanamaVISIT
SportsBetting Review 25% - $1KYESPanamaVISIT
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