4 Card Keno Numbers

  1. 4 Card Keno is a classic casino game that is fun and easy to learn. Players select a bet amount and choose between 2 and 10 numbers on their Keno card. Numbers are then randomly drawn and appear on the keno card as they are drawn. The more numbers you pick correctly, the more you win!
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Nevertheless, Keno has 80 numbers, and their draws are not always evenly distributed. One website from New Zealand calculated that the number 27 is the most common Keno number in that country, being drawn 25.74% of the time. Close behind is number 12 with 25.65%. The number 17 seems to be rarest, as it only showed up 23.70% of the time, or 343.

4 Card Keno Numbers

One of the things that I’m often asked about is the selection of keno base numbers. It always surprises me when I receive an email asking about base numbers so for the purposes of clarity perhaps a better explanation is necessary.

For those that don’t use the Mystic Keno Smart Charts, let me give you a little background: One of the tried and proven methods of multiplying your Keno jackpots is by using a mathematical reduction. That is, taking a group of numbers (base) and arranging them into smaller groups in the most efficient manner.

How To Play 4 Card Keno

In Four Card (or 20 Card) Keno, we know that the more numbers that you chose the more likely you are to win something. But the fewer numbers that you chose the bigger the jackpot is going to be when you do win. So the best approach is going to be a blend of selecting more numbers and having as many of those numbers overlap (from one card to the other) as possible. We use a base number to make that happen.

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A base number is larger than your target spot. If your target is a 5 spot, your base number might consist of 7 numbers that would be reduced to play 5 spots on the four different cards. The trick is to overlap the keno base numbers in a balanced way so that you have exposure to more possibilities and at the same time increase the amount of your winnings by winning on more than one card. So that’s the story of base numbers and why we use them in the Mystic Keno Smart Charts.

4 Card Keno Numbers

When it comes to choosing your base numbers, that’s entirely up to you. You can use whatever numbers that pop into your head, birthdays, ages of your friends, whatever numbers that you want to use. Having said that, there are the techniques like the using of quadrants, triplets and others that are discussed in greater detail in the e-booklet. But the beauty of using the charts is that they work with any numbers that you plug in.

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